Major League Baseball is moving the All Star Game from Atlanta to Denver over a Georgia voter integrity law. There are multiple degrees of silliness in this, not the least being what a sports league is doing getting involved in politics. But if they’re going to do it, one would think they’d put some intellect to work and make decisions that allow the optics to echo their rhetoric.

They did not. I’ll just leave this here…

The statistics we found were a bit different, but damning nonetheless. According to the most recent census, the Black population in Atlanta is 54% while in Denver it’s 10%. That was from 2010, so we won’t doubt the numbers Kaitlin Bennett found.

For further context, we turn to Larry Elder.

Estimates put revenue generated for the city hosting the All Star Game at $100 million. This is especially important for Atlanta which has been hit harder by the coronavirus lockdowns and poor city leadership than other major metro areas across the nation.

The MLB sure taught those white supremacists a lesson by moving the big game and $100 million in revenue from a majority-Black city to one that is nearly 70% Caucasian. The racism in their move is startling.

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