I don’t think that anyone would argue that there is a battle over the future of America. Clearly, the primary battle is being waged between those that love America vs those that want to destroy her. The Democrats and RINOs are on one side, while the conservatives are on the other. What we have to remember is that this is not simply a Democrat vs Republican issue. We are waging a war within our own party.

Dr Michael Scheuer is a former CIA intelligence officer who was a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump throughout his presidency. During this episode of Freedom One-On-One, we had the opportunity to discuss the future of the GOP and whether Trump could keep control as the leader of the Republican Party. As Dr Scheuer explained, this is Trump’s party at least through the 2024 election.

However, at the same time, there is a battle being fought within the GOP that will tell us what kind of party we’ll be after Trump. There seems to be a war for power between the conservatives and libertarians. What makes it confusing is that the libertarian Republicans refer to themselves as conservatives. This can make it difficult to figure out where the lines are drawn.

The result of the libertarian side of the GOP gaining traction is that there is a rejection of God and of Biblical morality that has been at the center of conservatism since the beginning. This is exemplified in the embracing of Richard Grenell as a leader within the Republican Party and even within the Conservative movement.

Before she got kicked off of Twitter, Lauren Witzke struck a nerve by getting into a war of words with Grenell over whether conservatives should embrace and promote homosexuality and transgenderism within the Republican Party. Grenell made it clear that anyone who doesn’t openly accept and promote gay and trans conservatives are bigoted and should not be tolerated within the party. Lauren took the traditionally Biblical view which states that homosexuality and transgenderism is a sin and should not be accepted by conservatives.

Dr Scheuer shared his concerns with conservatives embracing Richard Grenell:

“It’s the danger of embracing Grenell. He’s obviously a brilliant man and has done very well. But not a day goes by that you don’t hear him arguing for depravity. Now, there’s a party in this country that represents that, and he can switch over. Maybe he can give them some brains on foreign policy, I don’t know. Truth is truth, fact is fact, faith is faith. If Grenell believes that, I feel sorry for him. No one wants to come into his house and find out what he is doing or why he’s doing it, but he’s not going to teach my children about it… or my grandchildren, hopefully.”

This led to the natural question that Conservatives and Christians are asking… is there a place for gay conservatives within the GOP?

“There is a place in the Republican Party, if it’s cleaned up by Trump, for everyone… but not proselytizers of depravity. If you want to be gay or are a man and want to be married to a man, fine. But why be a crusader? I don’t think anybody should be persecuted. Although, until recently, transgenderism was a medical problem, a psychological problem.

“But why do you have to be a crusader? Why do you have to have it schools? Why do you have to bring in people to demonstrate? They look like they’re dressed in Mardi Gras uniforms as homosexuals. It’s a harsh thing to say, but there is a point where enough is enough.

“The more things that are debased that you add to your society, the weaker it becomes and the more rancid it becomes. The Democrats have provided an entry point for every kind of debased instinct of fallen man to creep into their party and through that into the institutions of government.”

Had Grenell taken the Dave Rubin approach to this controversial issue of homosexuality and allowed for differences of opinion, promoting unity where there’s agreement and debate where there’s disagreement, I don’t think there would be as much concern for him being a part of the Republican Party. However, when he’s crossing the line and taking the Democrat strategy of demanding Christians and Conservatives not just tolerate his homosexuality, but openly embrace it and actively promote it, that’s where the danger lies.

Ric Grenell served our nation and promoted Trump’s America First agenda. When he was the Directer of National Intelligence, he worked hard for the American people and did whatever he could to protect our nation and root out the Deep State. We must acknowledge and applaud the good that he’s done. However, if he’s going to lead the Republican Party towards embracing depravity, as Dr Scheuer puts it, then that’s a direction that Conservative Christians simply cannot follow.

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