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Those who succumbed to the original fearmongering surrounding Covid-19 are starting to relax a bit. Whether it’s the various “vaccines,” thoughts of herd immunity, a realization that those under the age of 60 have very little to fear, or simply fatigue from a year of living in terror, we’re seeing people who were previously quite concerned starting to ease their tensions now. It’s not everyone; there are still plenty of Covid nannies and fearmongers out there. But many if not most feel better about their prospects in the “pandemic.”

You might not notice it as face-mask-shaming is still commonplace. But instead of people doing it out of fear, it’s now just habitual. Face masks have been normalized in American society like diapers on a baby. Habits aside, even the fearful are starting to get more confident that they’re not going to die within two weeks of being exposed to fresh air or a maskless scoundrel.

This displeases the globalists, Big Pharma, and Democrats. How can they implement The Great Reset if the fearful are waking up from their Covid-comas? The answer: “Strains.” We’re going to hear about “the deadliest new strain” any day now. We’ll hear about “the most virulent” at some point soon. And we’re already hearing about “the most contagious” strain. According to Just The News:

A highly infectious variant of COVID-19 is now the dominant strain of the virus in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The variant, B.1.1.7, began surging in the United Kingdom in December has since spread through Europe and to the United States, the federal agency said Wednesday.

“Based on our most recent estimates from CDC surveillance, the B.1.1.7 variant is now the most common lineage circulating in the United States,” agency Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said at the White House briefing.

Studies found the virus is 60 times more contagious than the current strain and 67 percent more deadly, according to the New York Times. In March, experts warned the variant would be the dominant strain by the end of the month. Now early into April, the CDC confirmed the hypothesis, according to CNN.

Medical company Helix found that 58.9 percent of all new tests of COVID-19 were the new B.1.1.7 strain. Trends from Felix show that California and Florida have the two highest rates in the U.S. with 533 and 445 cases, respectively.

The words “new strain” act for illnesses the same way “new and improved” acts for products. It sparks renewed interest, and in the case of Covid-19, new fears. But what they don’t mention in news reports is that new strains of diseases, particular RNA viruses like Covid-19, are expected. There are at least four known variants of the disease now and likely a dozen or more that have yet to be isolated and categorized. But the word “strain” invokes fear in those who have not done the research, which includes pretty much everyone other than doctors.

That’s the point. They want the fear to be acutely placed in our consciousness indefinitely.

While it’s possible that new strains can cause more damage to humans, generally speaking they are just variants within a theme. This is great news for Big Pharma who make billions off of new strains of influenza, for example. Every year, they have to come up with “new” ways to handle the strains which is wonderful for business. It’s a money-printing racket that can go on forever.

The biggest concern for some doctors, though most are unwilling to voice it for fear of being canceled, is that these so-called “vaccines” will react poorly to major mutations in Covid-19. This is why despite the fact that new strains are generally nothing more than fodder for fearmongers, there is a real concern this time around. It’s also why I can say on one hand there is nothing to fear from new strains and on the other hand there is a great deal to fear for those who have been or will be vaccinated.

As Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney reported during an interview on NOQ Report, doctors he has spoken to privately warn that the combination of new strains with the current vaccines in circulation could exacerbate the entire Covid problem. They speculate mutations could make the disease counteract the vaccines to the point that a vaccinated person will be more susceptible and in more danger when a major mutation takes place.

The buzz surrounding new strains is meant to perpetuate fear. But what Big Pharma and others won’t tell you is that there may come a scenario in which a new strain becomes especially dangerous to those who have taken the current Covid vaccines.

‘The Purge’ by Big Tech targets conservatives, including us

Just when we thought the Covid-19 lockdowns were ending and our ability to stay afloat was improving, censorship reared its ugly head.

For the last few months, NOQ Report has appealed to our readers for assistance in staying afloat through Covid-19 lockdowns. The downturn in the economy has limited our ability to generate proper ad revenue just as our traffic was skyrocketing. We had our first sustained stretch of three months with over a million visitors in November, December, and January, but February saw a dip.

It wasn’t just the shortened month. We expected that. We also expected the continuation of dropping traffic from “woke” Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, but it has actually been much worse than anticipated. Our Twitter account was banned. One of our YouTube accounts was banned and another has been suspended. Facebook “fact-checks” everything we post. Spotify canceled us. Why? Because we believe in the truth prevailing, and that means we will continue to discuss “taboo” topics.

The 2020 presidential election was stolen. You can’t say that on Big Tech platforms without risking cancelation, but we’d rather get cancelled for telling the truth rather than staying around to repeat mainstream media’s lies. They have been covering it up since before the election and they’ve convinced the vast majority of conservative news outlets that they will be harmed if they continue to discuss voter fraud. We refuse to back down. The truth is the truth.

The lies associated with Covid-19 are only slightly more prevalent than the suppression of valid scientific information that runs counter to the prescribed narrative. We should be allowed to ask questions about the vaccines, for example, as there is ample evidence for concern. One does not have to be an “anti-vaxxer” in order to want answers about vaccines that are still considered experimental and that have a track record in a short period of time of having side-effects. These questions are not allowed on Big Tech which is just another reason we are getting cancelled.

There are more topics that they refuse to allow. In turn, we refuse to stop discussing them. This is why we desperately need your help. The best way NOQ Report readers can help is to donate. Our Giving Fuel page makes it easy to donate one-time or monthly. Alternatively, you can donate through PayPal as well. We are on track to be short by about $5300 per month in order to maintain operations.

The second way to help is to become a partner. We’ve strongly considered seeking angel investors in the past but because we were paying the bills, it didn’t seem necessary. Now, we’re struggling to pay the bills. We had 5,657,724 sessions on our website from November, 2020, through February, 2021. Our intention is to elevate that to higher levels this year by focusing on a strategy that relies on free speech rather than being beholden to progressive Big Tech companies.

During that four-month stretch, Twitter and Facebook accounted for about 20% of our traffic. We are actively working on operating as if that traffic is zero, replacing it with platforms that operate more freely such as Gab, Parler, and others. While we were never as dependent on Big Tech as most conservative sites, we’d like to be completely free from them. That doesn’t mean we will block them, but we refuse to be beholden to companies that absolutely despise us simply because of our political ideology.

We’re heading in the right direction and we believe we’re ready talk to patriotic investors who want to not only “get in on the action” but more importantly who want to help America hear the truth. Interested investors should contact me directly with the contact button above.

As the world spirals towards radical progressivism, the need for truthful journalism has never been greater. But in these times, we need as many conservative media voices as possible. Please help keep NOQ Report going.

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