Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech railed against the American elite who impose COVID-19 lockdowns Monday night as a hallmark of the current crisis we face as a country.

“In many ways, they live in an entirely different country than the one most of us currently experience,” Domenech said while guest-hosting Fox News Primetime. “For them, this pandemic was a nuisance, an irritation. Not a life-altering event.”

Domenech highlighted California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s $15,000 indoor dinner in the heart of Napa Valley wine country at one of the most exclusive restaurants in the state defying his own coronavirus edict.

“I try to think about it in terms I can understand,” Domenech said. “There are two-bedroom houses for sale today in the neighborhood where I was born in Mississippi that cost less than Gavin Newsom’s dinner.”

Opponents of Democratic politicians’ lockdowns who are concerned about civil liberties are vilified as “not caring about human life” who “callously wanted people to die.”

“Far from it,” Domenech said. “We criticized lockdowns not just because we believe in freedom, but because we live closer to people experiencing dire consequences in their lives. The rise in overdoses, the failure of family businesses, the devastation suffered by an entire generation of poor kids is only beginning to be measured.”

National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Anthony Fauci meanwhile, “championed” the policies that kept millions of poor children out of school and closed minority businesses for good.

For the elite, Domenech said, the pandemic has been a crisis to their benefit at the expense of others.

“For them, working from home was seamless. The stock market boomed, their private schools stayed open. They saved money on air travel because Aspen and Davos went virtual, and when the summer turned to racial rage, it wasn’t their businesses getting torched,” Domenech said. “And they have the gall to call us heartless.”

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