Even though Derek Chauvin was convicted as guilty on all three counts in the death of George Floyd, nobody seems happy. Outspoken Rep. AOC is demanding more justice and reforms going forward. Meanwhile, the comments made by Maxine Waters are being questioned as tainting the jury, as acknowledged by Judge Cahill.

Tucker Carlson opened up the exchange by saying how bizarre it was a civilized country like America had a jury consider a murder trial through the lens of politics. Carlson asked Candace Owens if this was even civilized.

Owens agreed that having the Derek Chauvin jury verdict going through outside forces of media and political polarization putting pressure on the results was “mob justice.” The theme echoing throughout the public’s reflection of today’s results. If last summer’s riots achieved the capitulation the Far Left and Black Lives Matter wanted, isn’t that the best way forward to obtaining their goals?

“This was not a trial about George Floyd or Derek Chauvin, this was a trial about whether the media was powerful enough to create a simulation and decide upon a narrative absent any facts. Whether it was powerful enough to repeat showing and talking about a nine-minute clip that came from somebody’s cell phone, without adding any context, without showing the full police video? Which they could’ve released, they refused to release the full body cam which would’ve added more clarity. To the fact that the media was lying.”

Candace Owens highlighted how the media narrative was that George Floyd was a good man getting his life together before being pummeled to death by a so-called racist cop. Owens said the Democrats can get whatever they want by treating the general public like pawns to push a political agenda forward.

One only needs to point to Nancy Pelosi “thanking” George Floyd for dying as evidence to that.

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