Will Cain, host of Fox & Friends and the Will Cain Podcast, joined Clay Travis Wednesday for his weekly segment on OutKick.

Clay and Will talk about memorable draft moments and how the media will bring up a young player’s past just to destroy them.

Clay asked Will whether the two of them should push back whenever some sportswriter brings up a player’s past tweets, since doing so just gives the bogus stories more oxygen. Clay said he thinks the only way to end the story is to embarrass the writer.

“The truth is, these stories need to be rebutted, someone has to provide the proper context,” Will responded.

“The damage, to some degree, is already done when the writer writes the story,” Will went on. “I don’t think we are blowing it up. The writer has already impacted the player’s life. When they did it to Josh Allen, Josh Allen then had to go walk into the Bills’ locker room and prove that he is NOT a racist. That’s what that writer did to him by bringing up those tweets.”

Two also talked about LeBron trying to dox a police officer last week because the officer saved a young black woman from getting stabbed.

“LeBron James, at least in the world of sports, is the single most destructive force to race relations in the United States,” Will says.

“LeBron has done a lot of good things” Will adds. “But that does not absolve him from the terrible things he is doing. He’s tearing this country apart. He’s ignoring facts. He doesn’t care at all.”

Listen to the full segment via the OutKick podcast here:

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