An Ohio Pub that banned playing NBA games until Lakers’ player LeBron James was expelled from the league is reporting an increase in traffic and positive support, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Jay Linneman, the owner Linnie’s Pub, announced the banning of NBA games in his establishment after LeBron James tweeted a picture calling for “ACCOUNTABILITY” in the wake of a Columbus, Ohio officer shooting and killing a knife wielding teen. James later deleted that tweet saying that it caused more hatred.

“If anyone wants to watch an NBA game, don’t come to Linnie’s Pub,” he wrote on Facebook, according to the Washington Examiner. “We will not air them until Lebron James has been expelled from the NBA.”

“Aww Damn,” James tweeted on Saturday. “I was headed there to watch our game tonight and have a drink! Welp.”

In the wake of James’ post, Linneman told the Enquirer that “he was tired of sports players voicing their opinion,” and that players “just need to play the game and that’s it.”

The Pub’s website began to include a link on Tuesday for people that wanted to “use vile or threatening language,” that leads to

To leave a comment, the form also requires answering “yes” to whether or not they support law enforcement.

“The support for the position has been overwhelmingly positive and has far outweighed the negatives,” he said, with support spreading to neighboring businesses, including a nearby gas station.

“Hey LeBron, the West Side thanks you. Linnie’s has never been busier,” the gas station’s sigh reads.

“I hope people channel the support to law enforcement and not necessarily to Linnie’s Pub,” said Linneman, stating that the point wasn’t for the pub to get more business.

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