On Sunday, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) talked in an interview with Fox’s Mark Levin about the subject of a potential alliance between Big Tech and big government.

Levin opened up by saying:

“For instance, if you post a comment that disagrees with [White House chief medical adviser] Dr. Fauci, you’re likely to get dinged. Even if you’re an expert from Stanford or an expert from Oxford or an expert from Yale or John Hopkins. if your viewpoint doesn’t comport with the government-stated viewpoint out of the federal bureaucracy, you’re likely to pay a price.”

“Then you have little Parler that’s trying to start up, and they all collude and they all get together, as if they’re all on the phone with each other, and … they cut them off … They take them off their store. They take them off their platform … It’s anti-American.”}

Hawley replied:

“That is anti-American. That is anti-free speech. It’s anti-First Amendment … and make no mistake, the left is cheering them on.”

“You hear the Democrats sometimes talk about these companies — they love the power that these companies have,” the senator added. “They love it. They love the power over speech that Facebook and Twitter have, and they want them to do more.”

“The left wants Facebook to censor more. They want Twitter to censor more. They want Google to censor more. So there is a strong alliance between the left wing in this country and these mega-corporations.”

“The left can achieve with these companies what they could never do with government because the First Amendment would actually stand in the way, thank goodness, if it were government that were explicitly trying to censor us and tell us what we could say.”

Hawley’s new book “The Tyranny of Big Tech” will be on sale in stores soon.

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