TODD: Listen to this. Believe it or not, this is 2009, what you’re gonna hear, okay? So, believe it or not, this clip of America’s Real Anchorman is not from today. It is from 2009.

RUSH: Have you seen the rising gasoline prices out there? Have you noticed them? Now, they are not being reported this time around since Obama’s in the White House. But gasoline prices are trickling up and we’re getting close to $80-a-barrel oil. Not there yet but we’re getting close to it. We don’t need to hit a hundred-dollar-a-barrel oil for there to be real economic impact here — and fuel prices includes heating oil going into the very cold winter that is forecast by the Farmers’ Almanac, NASA and Nostradamus. So it’s looking bleak out there. Liberals are doing it to us, liberals in the Democrat Party. It’s called Drill, Baby, Drill!

TODD: Wait, wait. So I don’t mean to disagree with the Maha, but AOC had said, “We don’t need sinking pipelines and fuel lines and such. You just turn those off and just plug in the electric cars, the electric buses, and the electric airplanes, and everything will be fine.”


TODD: As I say in my local show in Seattle, that imparts to us a unique set of responsibilities, some of whom is define humor. And even the increase in gas prices and inflation and, you know, Joe Biden’s dementia had said that anyone earning under $400,000 a year won’t see a tax increase. Yeah. Your lumber costs are gonna go up, in case you wanted to build a house or add on to that.

It’s not gonna be so possible. Lumber is up 126%, steel 145%. This is just taxes by another name. It’s an increase in the cost of things like, oh, let’s just pick some that’s a little maybe more of daily concern. Let’s look at some staples. Corn is up 69%. Wheat is up 25%. FEO Food Index is up 25%. Oh, but hourly wages are up… Well, 5%.

And that would be indicative of the fact that there’s a whole bunch of people who are just now come back to work, although not as many as we need. Did I say find humor in this? We have an impending energy crisis. We have Joe Biden’s dementia who fought against energy independence.

One of his first acts when he was ensconced behind this militarized installation in Washington, D.C. (which exists for theatrical reasons) was to say, “America does not need energy independence. Independence? Come on, man. Why, let’s just be dependent.” So no pipeline for you going north. Now this with the hack of a pipeline in the South.

Mind you, elections can’t be hacked, but that’s a whole other topic.

Did I say something about humor? (laughing) President Trump has released a statement. This from @KamVTV on Twitter got the president’s statement, save America, President Donald Trump. “Congratulations to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts for the privilege they will have in looking at massive windmills that have been approved by the Biden administration and are being built, in China of course, as part of an extraordinarily large wind farm.

“Wind is an incredibly expensive form of energy that kills birds, affects the sea, ruins the landscape, and creates disasters for navigation. Liberals love it, but they can’t explain why. In any event, Martha’s Vineyard, an absolutely wonderful place, will never be the same. Good Luck!” And I think inherent to that or at least implied is, “Love, President D.J.T.” All that’s true.

Energy-producing mechanisms that can’t produce themselves… Let me ask you this. How do species that can’t reproduce, do it? No, there aren’t any. Oh, see, there aren’t any. They don’t do well, do they? Windmills do not produce enough energy to make windmills. Solar panels don’t produce enough energy to make solar panels. You have to have too many of ’em to make one. They’re ridiculously inefficient.

Now, at the beginning of this program — and speaking of this inflation and these costs going up and the costs of energy going up and windmills. At the beginning of this program, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke to the press following their meeting with Joe Biden’s dementia about the administration’s $4 trillion more in spending, and McCarthy had this to say.

MCCARTHY: You won’t find any Republicans who’s gonna go raise taxes. I think that’s the worst thing you can do in this economy when you watch inflation. Your gas is going up. Remember, the gas price today, the national gas price has not been this high since President Biden was vice president. You’re watching food costs go up. You’re watching housing costs, lumber costs. There is inflation everywhere you go. So raising taxes would be the biggest mistake you could make.

TODD: And what do you think they’ll do? Gee, I wonder what they’ll do. Remember this: The economic change that we’re seeing is not a bug in the system. Just track your way back to the changes that started to happen in March of last year to our economy. Small businesses, unneeded; big businesses, absolutely necessary. Certain workers essential. Certain workers nonessential.

Private property, charging rent for people who stay in your house? No! Come on, now, that’s for big companies with lawyers. That’s not for you little people. The changes have been happening since March of last year. Senator Mike Lee, who is the only conservative senator in the state of Utah, made a brilliant point about Joe Biden’s dementia attacking America’s energy independence.

LEE: Their decision to cancel this pipeline coming on the heels of President Biden’s decision to issue a moratorium — unilaterally — on all oil and gas drilling on federal lands where we have a lot of our oil and gas resources in this country. Coupled with the fact that we’ve got needlessly onerous regulatory restrictions that have been forced on the construction of new refineries. This is a perfect storm, a trifecta of sorts, that stops the American people from gaining access to the things that they need to live their day-to-day lives. It’s causing prices to spike, and it’s a deep concern.

TODD: Right, and it’s not… I was saying yesterday, there needs to be some name for this dynamic where the press explains that this is just, “Wow, this is unforeseen.” Who could have seen that constricting the economy to this degree, continuing this selective lockdown ridiculously, refusing to have schools open, creating this panic mentality with everybody wrapped in woke masks…?

So a pipeline goes down, people are rushing for gasoline because they’ve just spent the last year and a half being told to stay home and stay safe and experiencing shortages. America’s being made destable or being destabilized would lead to economic calamity if allowed to continue. So this would be another test. Is it Biden who’s actually president, who’s actually running this economy? CNBC.

Inflation sped up in April. Consumer prices up 4.2%. Gas prices hit a seven-year high, and when you look at the history of Democrats in charge of the economy they make these claims, “Democrats, had he handle the economy better. We’re for all the working people.” Yeah, except they’re not working anymore. That’s gonna drive costs up further. They’re installing a universal basic income with this so-called unemployment-plus bonus.

What that’s doing is it’s raising the price of labor. As the price of labor goes up, the price of goods goes up. It’s elementary economics. And it’s not a bug. It’s a feature. The Democrats dislike the middle class. They dislike the middle class because the middle class votes from areas of concern that are harder to manipulate. They vote on kitchen table issues.

“How’s my chances of retirement? How are my kids doing in school? Are we raising a generation of people more capable and more secure than before? Do I have pride in my country? Are people following the rules?” They’re less likely to fall for the extremes of the Democrat Party, which is why they scream it so hard, and the party itself that wants so much…

If you doubt this, please take a look at New York, San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles. They want a disappearance of the middle class. What is Seattle? Uber-rich/uber-poor. Los Angeles? Uber-rich/uber-poor. That’s the way they set this up. It’s the voting bloc they want. Rush warned us back in February that there would be ramifications to shutting down the Keystone pipeline.

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, stick with me on this. We had news today about how thousands of Americans who work at the Keystone pipeline had no idea what was coming. They had no idea Biden was gonna shut it down. Yet we had all this talk of the Green New Deal during the campaign, and all this talk of the Green New Deal mentioned what was gonna happen to oil and gas.

It mentioned — proudly, happily — what was gonna happen to coal. And yet the Democrat Party still voted for these people. Unionized workers still voted for these people. What does it tell you? It tells you they don’t know what the hell they’re voting for. They’re voting for somebody with a D next to their name. That’s all that mattered!

They had been convinced that Trump was a bad guy, that Trump was this and that; he had to go. Well, guess what they’re gonna found out find out? They’re gonna find out Trump was protecting them. They’re gonna find out Trump was reason they had a job at the Keystone XL. They’re gonna find out that just like in West Virginia and other places, that Trump is the reason they had jobs in the coal industry.

Most of them already know, in fact. Keystone XL is a different thing. They’re gonna find out in Portland and in Seattle that it was the Democrat governors there that perpetuated that mess, not Trump. The media blamed Trump for nine months for all the civil unrest in Democrat cities and states. So these Keystone XL pipeline workers, now John Kerry’s out there telling them, “Well, you’re gonna have even more options.

“You should go out and sell solar panels.” You think that’s what they want? They are acting exactly as what you would expect people who didn’t know what was coming to act. I’ll guarantee you, a bunch of people that work at the Keystone pipeline voted for Biden. Just guarantee you.

A lot of people are union people, you vote for the Democrat, guarantee you. They’re not gonna be happy with this — and there will be pushback. The more John Kerry and these guys keep talking about their future of selling solar panels, there’s gonna be a pushback at some point. We’re just not there yet.

TODD: And apparently, according to Grabien Media, John Kerry admits… We were just talking about the solar panels. Rush mentioned this. President Trump made fun of Martha’s Vineyard. Their view is now ruined for these inefficient monstrosities. John Kerry apparently admitted today that these panels are being made by the Uyghur slaves in China. But that’s not racism because it’s… Oh, you know what? I forgot my doublespeak book. I didn’t bring it in. I’ll look it up. But there’s some reason.

Oh, yeah! That’s it.


My bad.

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