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Over the past 14 months, all Americans have had their lives at least somewhat under the capricious control of the double-minded Anthony Fauci.

Same goes for every business and the decision of whether the business can be open and to what extent. Same goes for every school and every house of worship as well. Even whether we’re permitted to breathe the free air outside once we’re allowed to leave our homes.

And Fauci was granted that unprecedented authority without a single vote cast.

That level of power bestowed without direct consent of the governed would be dangerous enough to a free people even if it were given to someone with proven competence and reliable consistency. Absolute power corrupts absolutely even in the best of hands.

However, when that much power is given to someone with little regard for intellectual honesty and as schizophrenically wrong as Fauci has repeatedly proven to be, you end up with one of the darkest hours in our nation’s history.

Such a long train of abuses requires a reckoning. While a 9/11 type of tribunal is what’s required here, for now let us focus on these three headliners:● Fauci has already admitted to lying to the American people regarding masks […]

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