Posted by Kane on June 3, 2021 10:08 pm


Attacked by alligator in Myakka River while diving for shark fossils

A Florida man was doing what he does often – free diving for fossilized shark teeth in the Myakka River. He says there are tons of them, including his favorite fossils from the prehistoric massive shark, the megalodon. That’s when he was attacked by an alligator, being bitten on the head.

“I thought it was a propeller, it hit me so hard,” Heim said. “I realized I was inside it’s mouth and if the alligator hadn’t decided to let me go on its own, there was nothing I could have done to fight it.”

Following the attack, Heim was left with 34 stitches in his head, a minor skull fracture and bite marks on one of his hands, and because of swelling in his head, he is still unable to open his left eye. Doctors told Heim that he does not have any brain damage from the attack and is expected to make a full recovery.

He says the alligator was about 9 feet long and likely a female, possibly looking to protect her eggs.

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