Without what called “The Sailer Strategy” (that inreach rather than outreach would win the white base), without Ann Coulter’s Adios America, inspired by, and without the examples of friends like Pat Buchanan and Michelle Malkin, there would be no President Trump, and immigration would remain the unmentionable Third Rail of American politics.

Our readers know our country is an irreplaceable people with a shared history, ancestry, and culture. They know the survival of the United States depends on strict immigration laws and demographic realism. has articulated these concerns more powerfully than any other publication since our 1999 founding. For two decades, founder Peter Brimelow’s Alien Nation has been the Bible for immigration patriotism. is a non-profit. We continue to publish information on the negative effects of mass immigration, and serve as the voice of the Historic American Nation. This work is not easy and it is not cheap.

We are at a critical time for our country and our work.

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