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Extreme ideologies are quickly taking root in U.S. K-12 public schools through new school policies, practices, and curriculums — with devastating effects on students. Unfortunately, Americans are mainly turning a blind eye instead of speaking up against political and social indoctrination that threatens our children’s education and the very fabric of our nation.

One radical development is in the area of sex/gender. Although the terms are historically used interchangeably, a shift has occurred in recent decades, with sex primarily referring to a biological category or anatomy, and gender referring to a person’s thinking or feelings about who they are. Over the past several years, schools have increasingly embraced the cultural redefinition of gender – from male and female to a host of created alternatives. Despite the biological reality of only two distinct sexes formed in the womb and birthed, schools embrace, and in some cases actively promote, student questioning and then self-selecting their gender based upon how they feel.

The Gender Unicorn

Starting as early as preschool and kindergarten, taxpayer money is funding radical sex education content. Just one example is the Gender Unicorn (an iteration of the Genderbread Person), a purple cartoon image featuring hearts and rainbows. Adopted in 2016 by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district in Charlotte, North Carolina, Gender Unicorn use has spread nationwide and into Canada. The Washington State ASCD Curriculum in Context Spring/Summer 2020 lists the Gender Unicorn as one of several “educational materials” for teachers. The Alberta Teacher’s Association includes the Gender Unicorn in their 152-page teacher toolkit aimed at cultivating LBGTQ-inclusive classrooms.

The character is designed to look endearing to young children, similar to the popular Barney or Boz. However, this unicorn walks students through self-selecting their gender identity, their gender expression, the gender they’re physically attracted to, and the gender they’re emotionally attracted to. Each option includes not only categories such as women/men and feminine/masculine but also “other.” Even their “sex assigned at birth” is open to interpretation — it includes female and male, but also “other/intersex.”

According to Ely Sanders, the Sexual Health and School Health Specialist for the Oregon Department of Education, “We have more and more kindergartners coming out and identifying.” Show young students the purple unicorn and ask them to choose from various options, and you’ll undoubtedly receive all sorts of interesting answers. Talk to any five-year-old for ten minutes, and you will be entertained and likely given misinformation on any number of topics. But without prompting or exposure to these concepts from adults, young students would surely not form the suggested conclusions.

Most kindergarteners don’t know how to read, tie their shoes, or recite their home address. But instead of teaching the academic basics, schools are now actively promoting identity confusion, emotional harm, and insecurity — negative impacts that last a lifetime. It’s no wonder that child and adolescent mental health issues are on a steep rise when students are taught to question their own identity and select from an ever-growing list of confusing options.

Meanwhile, parents are widely uninformed about what’s occurring in classrooms related to this material. For example, a concerned parent of a second-grade student in Oregon reached out to the teacher after her child was exposed to the Genderbread Person without any prior communication. (Tragically, the teaching of gender identity and fluidity and other LGBTQ concepts in social studies and science often come with no warning or option for parents to opt their students out). Her concerns were dismissed and the request for a meeting with the teacher to discuss was denied. Instead, the teacher directed the parent to the principal, who responded that gender identity is something our society historically has failed to talk about and declared it a positive development that students are being taught about this topic now.

Furthermore, the principal stated that gender identity teaching could occur throughout the school year in all subject areas. And while Oregon allows opt-out in health classes, the principal reminded the parent that the opt-in option does not apply to non-health classes. This deceptive strategy by the school evidently meets the letter of the law by providing parent communication and opt-out privileges regarding “sensitive health content.” However, it clearly violates the spirit of the law and circumvents parental control over the indoctrination of their children. 

Another example of this type of indoctrination is from Bethel School District in Washington State. Recently students were assigned to complete a survey related to COVID-19, in which students in grades six to twelve (i.e., as young as ten years old) were asked to select their gender. Options included “male, female, transgender, questioning/not sure of my gender identity, or something else that fits better.” Next, the survey asked students to indicate their sexual orientation from the provided options: heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or “something else that fits better.” Parents were not informed of the survey content, which plants seeds regarding sexual orientation gender identity confusion. When questioned, the district spokesperson refused to respond other than to pass the buck, saying people could talk to the survey creators. One Washington parent fittingly asked, “is the state’s intent to inject transgender and hyper-sexuality into everything they do?”

Resist the Radicals

The American Center for Transforming Education is a program of Discovery Institute, a non-profit organization fueled by its supporters.

The tsunami of attacks on our children in classrooms across America will leave an irreversible path of destruction if not soon stopped. But it’s not too late to intervene and reverse these new radical policies, practices, and curriculum that go against our country’s best interest and that of our students. 

We need your help because as you know, those holding radical ideologies aren’t shying away from their agenda but instead are rigorously and strategically pushing it in our K-12 schools with alarming and accelerating success.

Will you join us in exposing and working to end this damaging indoctrination taking place in our schools?


The indoctrination of the young doesn’t end in elementary classrooms. Students of all ages are not only allowed but encouraged to use the school bathroom of their choosing: boys or girls, men or women, male or female. Furthermore, in the name of “safety,” an increasing number of districts restrict faculty and staff from entering these student bathrooms to ensure nothing inappropriate or unsafe occurs.

Hindering the rights and safety of most students in an attempt to promote and foster student gender confusion in others, in secret from parents, is not only unconstitutional but mistreatment of all students.

The policy defies common sense. Anyone who has gone to school knows that bathrooms have always been a prime place for student misbehavior — cheating, bullying, drinking, doing and selling drugs, and beyond. Obviously, those making mischief fervently hoped that teachers and administrators wouldn’t barge in and put a stop to their activities. Imagine how bad things could get now when students know that adults cannot enter the bathrooms. With zero supervision, a boy can walk into a girl’s bathroom at any time, stay as long as he wants, do what he wants — all without fear of an adult stopping him. At a minimum, one would think that the legal liability schools would be subject to from this kind of policy would give them pause. But clearly, in today’s schools, ideology and political correctness supersede protecting students and common sense.

Locker Rooms

The same logic that gives ideology supremacy over all else also applies to locker rooms. Adults know that even changing clothes for P.E. in the presence of same-sex peers can challenge the modesty and comfort level of many pre-teens and teenagers. Now imagine a locker room that welcomes students of the opposite sex to enter at will. 

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