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With millions of people inexplicably still listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci despite all measures of credibility lost, his latest pitch for vaccines comes in the form of fearmongering on behalf of the “Delta Variant” of Covid-19. Formerly known as the Indian Covid Variant before the name was changed over unhinged cries of racism, the Delta Variant appears to be more easily spread than the “Alpha Variant” that still accounts for the bulk of cases in the United States.

Fauci and his cronies are attempting to scare more people into taking the Covid vaccines. There’s a problem with their logic. In the United Kingdom, the Delta Variant accounts for 91% of cases. This comes despite over 3/4th of their adult population having already been vaccinated. This new variant appears to be even more vaccine-resistant than the Alpha Variant, which has already demonstrated unprecedented abilities to circumvent the so-called “vaccines” to generate tens of thousands of “breakthrough cases.” Here’s a pitch for fearing the variant from NBC New York:

The so-called Delta variant, the COVID-19 strain blamed for a devastating viral surge in India that led to a global daily death record of more than 6,000 fatalities this week, now accounts for nearly 5% of positive samples studied in New York City, according to new data from the health department.

The city still classifies that novel strain as a “variant of interest,” meaning it has genetic markers associated with higher risks of transmission, reinfection or severe illness, as well as reduced vaccine effectiveness. More study would be needed to confirm it as a variant of concern. The classification for that level requires a body of scientific evidence showing it is more likely to pose any or all of those challenges.

This is the part where you should put on your tinfoil hat. There is always a chance that Mother Nature is simply beating the tar out human ingenuity, racing right past our best efforts to fight Covid-19 by mutating faster than anything we’ve seen before. But it seems more likely based on what we now know about the gain-of-function research that almost certainly created the original variant of Covid-19 that this variant was built with the very purpose that it appears to be serving: To terrify the masses into an ongoing vaccine regiment that will last into perpetuity.

There seems to be two dominant theories surrounding the sudden rise of the Delta Variant. There’s the less harmful but nevertheless evil goal of incessant authoritarian control, keeping as many people vaccinated, locked down, and beholden to government as possible. This is what many believed to be the original goal of the lockdown push once they realized Covid-19 could scare the masses into submission.

The second dominant theory is that this really is a step towards depopulation. Whether through new variants, increased vaccine adoption, or a combination of the two, we are entering into the part of the story where the comic book villain releases his poison gas all across the city. Yes, it’s potentially that nefarious.

All of it depends on whether this entire episode of human existence is being driven by greedy, power-hungry men wanting to control the world or if it’s out of the Book of Revelation with prophecy unfolding before us. Either way, it’s not good for those of us living on the Earth at this point in history.

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Below are three articles. The first is from our partners at The Epoch Times who do a brief breakdown of the Delta Variant. The second and third are from the conspiracy-minded genius behind SHTF Plan, Mac Slavo, as he details a pair of current events associated with the Delta Variant. I’ll wrap up my thoughts below those articles…

Delta Variant Comprises 91 Percent of UK Cases, Says Health Secretary

The Delta variant first identified in India now comprises 91 percent of cases of coronavirus in the UK, the Health Secretary has said. Matt Hancock told MPs this was according to an assessment he saw on Wednesday evening.

Hancock was speaking on Thursday during more than four hours of questioning by MPs on the science and health committees.

The UK Government is expected to decide next week whether to proceed with a further easing of restrictions in England on June 21, dubbed “freedom day” by some, amid concerns about the dominant variant.

According to Professor Neil Ferguson, whose modelling was instrumental to the UK locking down in March 2020, it may be 60 percent more transmissible than the Alpha variant which swept across the UK over the winter peak.

Elsewhere, the World Health Organisation’s Europe director warned that the Delta variant first identified in India was “poised to take hold in the region” as many countries prepare to ease restrictions.

Dr. Hans Kluge, the WHO Regional Director for Europe, said it had shown signs of being able to evade some vaccines and that some vulnerable people remained unprotected.

“We have been here before,” he said. “Over the course of last summer, cases gradually rose in younger age groups and then moved into older age groups, contributing to a devastating resurgence.”

Kluge said that the spike in COVID-19 cases ultimately led to more lockdowns and deaths in the autumn and winter of 2020, adding: “Let’s not make that mistake again.”

United Kingdom Will Likely Extend Lockdown AGAIN Over “Delta Variant”

The “Delta variant” of the COVID-19 scamdemic is the new official fear topic for the ruling class and their propaganda outlets, the mainstream media.  While seeking to continue to panic the masses into taking the experimental gene therapy shot, they are also attempting to convince the slaves that more lockdowns are needed.

No amount of evidence or logic should lead anyone to the point of enslaving another human being “for their own good.” But that’s exactly what several ruling classes are doing to their populations. They even have the nerve to call the lifting of lockdowns “Freedom Day” in the U.K. But, the unfortunate souls who reside in that country are likely to miss out on their birthright, freedom, because the rulers need slaves.

England’s lockdown measures could remain in place beyond the supposed “freedom day” on June 21st despite the fact that for 11 out of the last 12 weeks, deaths have been below the 5-year average.

ONS announced that there were 9,628 deaths in England and Wales in the week ending 28th May 2021. This is 232 fewer than the previous week, and 3.1% below the five-year average.

Deaths in England and Wales have now been below the five-year average for 11 of the past 12 weeks. Over that time, there were 8,212 fewer deaths than you’d expect based on the average of the last five years. And note that, due to population aging, the five-year average understates the expected number of deaths. So the true level of “negative excess mortality” is even higher.” Lockdown

June 21st was the day when all COVID-19 restrictions were supposed to be lifted, but more and more indications suggest the government will once again cave to its scaremongering advisers and keep them in place.

Lockdown measures are set to remain in place well into July despite the fact that 80% of Brits now have COVID-19 antibodies and the population reached herd immunity back in April. Earlier today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “Everyone can see very clearly is cases are going up and in some places, hospitalizations are going up,” suggesting he is about to move the goalposts on his promises yet again, according to a report by Summit News. 

Here’s a question: if cases are going up under lockdown, what does it matter if people are slaves or free? Oh, was that not supposed to be asked?

Again, and as always, keep using critical thinking. Ask the questions even if others chastize you for it. We are at a point where almost nothing makes any logical sense anymore, and yet we aren’t supposed to even think about posing the questions, to begin with. Stay alert and know what’s happening.  This “delta variant” seems to be another talking point as of late, and if the ruling class of the United States even thinks they can kind of get away with another lockdown, there is no doubt they will try it.

China Locks Down 15 Million People For 100 Cases Of “Delta Variant”

The ruling class in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong is carrying out mass testing and has locked down entire areas of the province to try to control a “flare-up” of coronavirus cases in Guangzhou. The “flare-up” consists of 100 cases of the “Delta variant” and 15 million others are now prisoners of the state.

The psychopaths are not giving up on their lockdowns.

The city has cited the Delta variant of the coronavirus, first detected in India, as a driver behind the uptick in cases it has reported since the latter part of May. The Delta strain is known to be highly transmissible.

Guangzhou, a city of over 15 million people and the provincial capital, has reported 96 of the over 100 cases in Guangdong province in this latest outbreak. –CNBC

Should we do some quick math? 1oo out of 15 million is .0000066667% of people. That’s what a Chinese province is locking down for. Yike. We’ve always been slaves to the government, but this planet has reached a level of totalitarian control that is almost beyond comprehension.

Liwan, still the worst-hit district, has imposed strict lockdowns on certain streets. Some areas are not letting people in and out of a certain zone and residents are not allowed to leave their building. Twenty-four-hour checkpoints have been set up to monitor movement in and out of these areas. –CNBC

The mainstream media continues to attempt to normalize lockdowns as something we should just submit to without question. And it isn’t just China.  Australia recently locked down again for 26 cases of COVID and the United Kingdom is threatening to NOT lift their over a year-long lockdown because of the “Delta variant.”

Guangzhou has carried out over 16 million tests between May 26 and midnight on June 5. Of those tests, they found 100 that were positive.

Still think this is about health? It is not and it has not been since day one. How anyone can read those numbers apply logic and critical thinking and still come up with lockdowns as the best solution is beyond comprehension.  We would be delusional at this point to assume another lockdown cannot happen in police state USA.

Final Thoughts

Those who have not followed me for years need to know that I was NEVER a conspiracy theory guy until very recently. I’ve fought against what I thought was disinformation from people who I now respect. It’s important to understand this because I believe that I’m coming at this whole Covid-19 “Scamdemic” thing with a lucid understanding. There truly are conspiracies happening around us. One need only see the push to vaccinate children and those who have already developed natural immunity to Covid-19 to realize there’s much more to this than just protecting the elderly.

I’ve received every vaccine ever offered to me in the past, but there is nothing they can do without the use of extreme force to get me to take these Covid-19 “vaccines.” I’m not an “anti-vaxxer” but I’m definitely anti-Covid-“vaccine” based on everything we’ve learned about it thus far. It isn’t just their actions. It’s their willingness to coordinate the coverup of their actions that should really concern us all.

One does not have to be an “anti-vaxxer” to realize there’s something awry about these injections. Yet so many who have a healthy distrust for government seem willing to put their skepticism aside to get these jabs.

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