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Shortly after Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails were published by BuzzFeed and The Washington Post after Freedom of Information Act requests, Facebook and Instagram started to suppress mentions and screenshots of them after they were flagged by its third-party “fact checkers.”

Now, Instagram is using these third-party fact checks to flag satirical posts about these emails and force users to delete them. Luke Rudkowski, founder of the independent news outlet We Are Change, reported that when he shared a post that jokes about Fauci recommending “face masks over your eyes so you can’t read his leaked emails” on Instagram, he was told it was “missing context” based on a fact check from USA Today. Not only was the title of the post a clear indicator that the post wasn’t to be taken seriously but the source of the post , satirical news site Genesius Times, gives readers another indicator of its satirical nature by stating at the top of every page that it’s “The Most Reliable Source of Fake News on the Planet.” When posts are flagged by fact checkers, Instagram usually allows them to stay up but attaches a warning, hides them behind an interstitial, and suppresses their reach by […]

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