Louisville Doesn’t Deserve Police

A police commander hero in the Louisville Metropolitan Police Dept. (LMPD) who was shot during a Breonna Taylor riot has been demoted for using naughty words. Twenty-two-year veteran Officer Aubrey Gregory is now a lieutenant again after using “offensive language” in a recruitment class. Authorities won’t say which big, bad no-no words he uttered, nor who was offended. Thank you for taking a bullet now watch your language, potty-mouth. This comes after Louisville has lost 233 officers since last year to retirements and resignations. The LMPD is now a whopping 255 officers short and is struggling to recruit replacements.

Random Is the New Black

I’ve been sitting on this story for a day waiting for a major news outlet to call it “random.” Thank you New York Post, Fox and just about every other news outlet.

A 14-year-old girl, Daisy “Jupiter” Paulsen, from Fargo, North Dakota was “randomly” beaten, choked, and stabbed in a grueling 20-minute attack. A sanitation worker drove up on the crime scene as a man was choking her and holding her nose. The attacker, Arthur Prince Kollie, 23, ran to a nearby Walmart, changed his clothes into something new, and walked out without paying for them. Police found bloodied clothes in the changing room and Kollie was arrested. Kollie claims he has no memory of the attack. The sanitation worker performed CPR on Daisy and called 911. After four days in the hospital, she was declared brain dead and her grieving parents are now donating her organs. Daisy was white and her “random” attacker is black. I recently wrote an article asking how many “random” race attacks like this need to occur before we can call it a pattern. The Democrats and their lefty news liars tell us white supremacists are the biggest threat to the nation, though crime stats say otherwise. I’m starting to think the “white supremacist” line is a cloud to obfuscate the real danger. Be careful, if you discuss this kind of crime publicly the libs will call you a racist and have you canceled.

Liberals Have No Moral Code

What does it take for a lib to get fired? Jeff Toobin was famously caught workin’ the gherkin on a Zoom call and is back on the gig at CNN. I have a list of people more qualified for his job. Here it is: everyone who doesn’t masturbate during Zoom calls. I suspect I’ll have some ‘splaining to do at the Pearly Gates like everyone else but flogging Molly in a public setting will never be one of them. I’m a conservative, thus I live by and am held to a higher standard. Which I prefer, and THAT is the difference between libs and conservatives. We want to be better people. I don’t want to be allowed to get away with Zoom atrocities. Yes, accountability is a good thing.

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