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Those who control the narrative control the sentiment, and in this post-truth society that has emerged in America, sentiment is everything. It isn’t most of the prize. It is the entirety of the prize. We learned this with the Hunter Biden laptop, both impeachments, the Capitol Riots, and seven months of deception that have far too many right-leaning Americans believing there was not massive, widespread voter fraud that changed the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The information we’re receiving both from public reports and from insiders close to the situation with the Maricopa audit tells me there will be plenty of evidence to make millions of people question the 2020 election results there. More importantly, it should be enough to make several states want to find out if their election was similarly rigged. Unfortunately, having the evidence is not enough. If evidence alone was enough, these audits would have started in November in most states and by December there would have been audits happening in every red state as well as many blue states.

Evidence is not enough. It’s about sentiment. And who controls the sentiment? Many American’s sentiment is dictated first by their “tribe,” whether that’s a political party, ideological organization, religious group, or properly aligned combination of the three. Other Americans get fed their ideology through their perceived “arbiters of truth.” It could be mainstream media, the educators they respect, a particular pundit they adore, or someone close to them whose opinion they hold in the highest regard.

Behind the scenes there are other factors that determine the sentiment of the people. Momentum has a ton to do with it, and this often attaches to Big Tech manipulations. The Hunter Biden laptop story from October is the perfect example of this. Early momentum “debunked” the news for most Americans as mainstream media, Big Tech, and Deep State players combined their forces to suppress or lie about everything that had to do with Hunter Biden and his infamous laptop. They were effective; to this day there are still millions of Americans who believe the laptop was a Russian hoax or a debunked rightwing conspiracy. In our echo chamber we may take for granted that just about everyone knows how depraved Joe Biden’s son is, but the reality is there are still plenty who are completely in the dark.

That cannot happen with the Maricopa audit or any subsequent audits. The truth MUST be pushed out. It must be done in a way that overcomes what we’re about to see from the combined forces of the left, which is nothing short of the most coordinated and absolute disinformation campaign in modern American history. If we thought the original election fraud cover-up was bad, just wait to see what they do to these audits. And they’re already starting.

“We need to meet their lies with as equal of a measure as we can muster.”

According to CPL via The Gateway Pundit, the audit is nearly complete.

The awe-inspiring full forensic audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election will resume at 8 AM MST with only 8 ballot boxes remaining to count. Only the boxes on the forklift have yet to be counted. Boxes on the sides may have discrepancies but we have not confirmed this. They are reportedly finding severe discrepancies in the ballot totals, up to 20% of ballots missing in some cases.

Creative Destruction Media tells us rumors indicate there are around 200,000 ballots missing in a state Joe Biden “won” by 15,000 votes.

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Leaks from the Arizona audit are foretelling a massive number of missing ballots to be reported in the final results. The amount of 200,000 missing ballots has been discussed. The margin of ‘victory’ for illegitimate Joe Biden was less than 15k.

Boris Epshteyn on War Room Pandemic has reported 25% discrepancies in ballot batch tallies from official reported numbers. Decertification of Joe Biden’s ‘win’ in Arizona is now being openly discussed.

Conservative Treehouse posted an update from Arizona Republican Chairwoman Kelli Ward:

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward provides an update Thursday night on the status of the Maricopa County ballot audit. Physical ballot counting is almost complete and delegations from Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alaska, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Washington State and Michigan have all attended and reviewed the operation.

The widespread national interest is likely what has triggered the DOJ. Additionally, there are early reports that ballots are missing and the final tally will not match the reported number of ballots counted. Interesting possibilities.

One America News reporter Christina Bobb posted, “If there is anything less than 2.1 million ballots in the AZ Audit, it was a fraudulent election and must be de-certified.”

Contrary to popular belief based on misinformation, there are multiple ways through which the 2020 election can be corrected. I’ve detailed a few of these in the past, but now is not the time to game out scenarios. What we need to do more than anything else is to make these scenarios possible, and invariably these scenarios are driven by one things: Sentiment.

We cannot trust the judiciary to do the right thing because they haven’t done the right thing through any of the election fraud lawsuits thus far. As much as we’d love to believe justice is blind and judges abide by the law without regard to pressures surrounding them, that’s simply not true. Therefore, promoting the proper sentiment of the people is important in guiding members of the judiciary to be courageous in playing their part in the process.

We cannot trust the state legislators to do the right thing for the same reason we cannot trust the judiciary. But even more so than judges, state legislators are beholden to the sentiment of their constituents. Those legislators who oppose the truth need to be exposed for the liars they are and those who embrace the truth need to be supported by patriots and protected from the evils that will bombard them from the left.

If things go well and this reaches a national tipping point, then we will need to voice the strongest sentiment this country has ever seen for Capitol Hill and/or the Supreme Court to act. It needs to be unambiguous. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need to be made fully aware that the people know there was cheating done on their behalf and they should do the right thing for the sake of the country. I’ve been told that this is a longshot scenario, one in which the Biden administration willfully steps down, but if enough Americans are made aware that the election was clearly stolen, the cheaters will have no choice but to either run away or let it all burn.

“Those who control the narrative control the sentiment, and in this post-truth society that has emerged in America, sentiment is everything.”

We are facing multiple juggernauts. Mainstream media, Big Tech, the Deep State, Democrats, the Republican Establishment — they all hate Donald Trump and they hate us even more for supporting him. They are in the process of being caught in the greatest coordinated crime in world history. They will not go down without using the full force of their immense powers to stop it. The truth is not enough because they invent new truths as it suits them. They control the narrative, which means the only way we can guide sentiment towards the truth is to take control of that narrative.

To say it’s a daunting task is the ultimate understatement, but we must see it through. What the auditors in Maricopa County have done is open the door ever so slightly, but that door is already in the process of being shut. The Department of Justice is working their Deep State voodoo to keep this under wraps. Media and Big Tech are shamelessly telling bald faced lies because they know they were involved. They know they’re complicit and will be held accountable if the truth comes to light. Democrats and their RINO cohorts are desperate to not only retain power but save face. If it’s revealed they lost as badly as they did, it could be the end of their power for the foreseeable future.

There are many things happening right now. Some are important and others are distractions to take focus away from the election fraud that is being uncovered in real time. Covid-19 is a huge issue, as are the vaccines associated with it. But media and government are throwing out anything else they can think of to distract us from the truth. UFOs, infrastructure, filibusters, Kamala Harris behaving badly, cricket tacos; it’s all just a giant distraction. That’s not to say these things aren’t important, but they pale in comparison to exposing the theft of the 2020 presidential election.

It is imperative that we work together to get the word out. Share this article and others talking about the audits. Tell everyone you know to pay attention, and not to CNN or Fox News. Email, write, or call your state legislators and ask them what they think while explaining what you think. The pressure is already built up on the opposing side to quash this. We need to meet their lies with as equal of a measure as we can muster.

This isn’t just about covering up the Maricopa audit. They are firing all weapons now in hopes of cutting off the launch of audits in other areas. If audit-mania becomes a thing and spreads to other parts of the country, we will be able to drive the sentiment by controlling the narrative. They know this which is why they’re desperately trying to prevent any future audits from happening. To do that, they must suppress the Maricopa audit results and punish those who had the gall to expose them for it.

The future of this nation rests on the backs of patriots. If we confirm the truth and spread it widely, we can succeed, Lord willing. If we continue to be too weak to fight the lies, the nation is almost certainly doomed.

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