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Many of us older than half a century no longer recognize the country we grew up in. We have a hard time reconciling that past America with what we see happening today. America, to our view, was predominantly a place of light, freedom, and joy. Now, as we witness a massing storm of iniquity, we either don’t understand what we’re seeing or we choke back the language to describe it because the words all sound too harsh or politically incorrect. We look for other demons to blame such as Socialism, and Marxism, and while they are definitely part of the problem, what now haunts us is even darker than those malignancies.

This baleful presence has been gathering over the American landscape for some time and the pandemic provided just the right catalyst for it to become a clear and present danger. It would now take an act of will to ignore its existence but we still, too often, turn our faces away.

The individuals who make up the component parts of this devilry may believe that they act out of good intentions, but the sum of those parts empowers an evil system of racism, corruption, and violence. It is an evil […]

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