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Lancaster, PA — The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), like all government bureaucracies, operates as nothing more than a protection racket for the corporate powers that be.

Case in point, the targeting of Amos Miller, an Amish farmer who operates Miller’s Organic Farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

When you read the government’s own words and their propogandists in Food Safety News (FSN), you’ll see that Miller’s crimes are no more than being successful and having happy customers. Not one single allegation was made of Miller’s products harming anyone. There are no victims, except the corporate farms that don’t want to compete against local farmers who are independent.

This week, Lancaster Online reported on the case which shows that although there is no crime, Miller is trying to work with the federal mobsters. Miller’s been fined $250,000, according to the report, for a contempt of court charge from 2020. Miller is asking for a reduction in the fine to $25,000 and 60 days to pay it, instead of the 30 days the government wants to give him.

The 2020 charges stem from stem from the government’s mandated record keeping processes and Miller slaughtering animals on his farm, a no-no to the USDA which thinks it gets to control every aspect of every farm. By the way, I wonder how many more people were fed in 2020 in Miller’s area because he chose to slaughter his own animals while the COVID-19 tyrants were shutting down meat processing plants?

As part of complying with the USDA’s record keeping mandates, Miller would need to install computer equipment. As most of you likely know, the Amish are not too keen on technology. (I have no plans on converting anytime soon, but with the “smart everything” agenda the Amish take on technology makes a lot of sense these days.)

“It is not Miller’s choice, but rather, Miller’s religion that prohibits the use of computers that would facilitate the creation of records as FSIS (USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service) requires. The implementation of the sort of records sought by FSIS is very difficult for an Amish farmer,” wrote Miller’s attorney Steven Lafuente.

Miller’s customers are part of a private food club membership, and of course the government doesn’t like that. You need to be reliant on the government, not on independent farmers.

FSN glowingly “reported” earlier this month that “If (Miller) doesn’t quickly pay $250,000 contempt fine, jail could become option.” Search Miller’s name at FSN, and you’ll find a bunch of shills gleefully seeking blood, figuratively, because their “investigation” found that Miller has spent money to add to his business and do audacious things like build accommodations for his daughter’s wedding. In other words, Miller is successful and that needs to be stopped.

“What has Miller done to aggravate the USDA and FSN so terribly? If you read the FSN article that describes the results of the USDA’s long-running investigation of Miller, you find that one of the main things that peeves the USDA-FSN tag team is the fact that Miller seems to be making a profit from the huge demand for his high-quality and unadulterated food. (In their words, the judge in the case should ‘not accept the depiction of Amos Miller and Miller’s Organic Farm as a small-scale operation.’),” wrote David Grumpert.

Grumpert added: “I mean, who the hell does Amos Miller think he is, earning serious money from his farming, and then re-investing most of it in additional farmland and expanded facilities? Some sort of welfare queen? Doesn’t he know that simpleton Amish farmers are just supposed to look quaint riding around in their horses and buggies, not really act like smart business people? That’s for smooth product-liability lawyers like (FSN publisher Bill) Marler and USDA hacks who make closed-door land deals. I wonder if they’ve ever put on family weddings, and if they’d like to go public with how much they spent.”

Further down Grumpert’s piece, you’ll find glowing reviews from Miller’s customers.

And the “closed-door land deals” described by Grumpert pertained to Sonny Perdue whose Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM) agriculture corporation was able to purchase land at a vastly reduced cost just weeks after being appointed as the USDA secretary by President Donald Trump in 2017. ADM had attempted to purchase land, estimated at over $5.5 million, from AGrowStar in 2015 but didn’t want to pay the $4 million price tag. However, when Perdue took his position at the USDA where he could make profitable rules for AGrowStar, ADM was able to purchase that property for $250,000. As the saying goes, it’s good to be the king, or a government bureaucrat.

Of course, the Justice Department refused to even investigate Perdue. Of course, their bureaucratic and corporate buddies can do what they want but the private, independent Amish farmers are viewed as a threat.

Miller’s been dealing with this garbage for a long time and his case led to William McSwain, appointed by Trump as the U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, to brag that the government was going after private farms.

“This is believed to be the first-ever suit of its kind where FSIS… is seeking an injunction against a so-called ‘private membership association’ farm business to enforce food safety laws,” bragged the Justice Department.

And the USDA has armed “law enforcement” and use of local police to force farmers to dump raw milk, like in California in 2011 or Texas in 2016. The government doesn’t like raw milk despite its health benefits.

Meanwhile, the USDA conducts nefarious experiments and puts its stamp of approval on Chinese poultry. Yes, the USDA is a protection racket for the government, corporations and the Chinese. But it’s an enemy of the American people and those who dare to be independent.

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