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Detroit, MI — It seems that another city is considering taking the dive into reparations. The Detroit city council is considering placing the question on the ballot for November’s elections. Specifically, they want to ask citizens if the city should form a committee to consider reparations for residents.

The Detroit News reports that the city council will vote Tuesday to add the question to ballots. The proposed wording of the question for the ballots is, “Should the City of Detroit establish a reparations committee to make recommendations for housing and economic development programs that address historical discrimination against the Black community in Detroit?”

Supporters of the measure want the city to consider short and long-term reparation options for African-Americans in the city. The goal? To build generational wealth and boost economic opportunity for residents of Detroit.

Detroit is not alone. The Detroit News reported that city councils in Asheville, North Carolina, and Evanston, Illinois, have passed resolutions for reparations. There are also pending reparations initiatives in St. Paul, Minnesota; Durham, North Carolina; Providence, Rhode Island, and California. But the situation in Detroit is a bit different.

Just 8 years ago, the city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy protection. Unable to meet its obligations, the city was forced to go through bankruptcy as a means to survive. While many on the left have praised the city for its efforts, COVID caused multiple budget shortfalls for the city.

The city passed a budget recently, which the Mayor called “tight.” There were increases in social programs and the city’s pension retirement program remains severely underfunded. But that doesn’t stop them from wanting to give more away.

Another question becomes where do the giveaways end. Vox reported that nearly 80% of the city’s population was black in a recent article. Would 80% of the city’s population be eligible for free handouts under the plan? How “racist” would it be to include some black citizens for reparations while excluding others?

The suggestion of reparations is absurd. Not one single person alive today is suffering at the hands of slavery as the radical left suggests. Each citizen of this nation, including those in Detroit, has had the opportunity to achieve the American dream.

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