Today, The Two Mikes interviewed the former Republican governor of Maryland Bob Ehrlich. He is a supporter of Trump, and while governor reduced Maryland debt from a deficit of $4 billion to a surplus of  2.3 billion.

Gov Ehrlich is now in private law practice. Gov Ehrlich comes from a blue-collar family in Arbutus, Maryland, and speaks the language and values of the lower and middle classes.

Gov. Ehrlich champions reform of the public education system by using more common sense, as well as parents’ desires for their children, rather than by more dollars and more noxious, leftist ideology. 

“If your school system is failing, and has been for 10, 20 80 years, that means most of the people around that school system are ok with failure…. I take that observation to politics and to education, specifically,” Gov Ehlrich stated.

We facing an education system that has been overrun by progressives. Not just liberals, but progressives. However, this has been because they’ve cared about these local leadership positions, while conservatives have disengaged over the years.

We can’t keep tolerating failure to education our children. They are not being educated, but are being used as a means to promote the propaganda of the Progressive Democrat Party.

As the Two Mikes and the Governor discussed, modern day liberalism is doing a disservice to Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Instead of fighting for everyone’s freedom and liberty, they are fighting for power and control.

This is a very dangerous place to be in for Americans, when you have the influence and leadership of our country that has a complete disregard for your Constitutional Rights, and are using our children to further their agenda through the brainwashing that occurs within the schools.

Governor Ehrlich maintains a strong connection with those who voted for him and those across America who share his ideas via his website:; His writings in the Western Journal:; and his Podcast: Bottom Line. Also, Gov. Ehrlich’s newest book, Original, Unconventional & Inconvenient: Donald J. Trump and His MAGA Movement, will be published in November, 2021 and is available on AMAZON.

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