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On Friday, Newsmax host Carl Higbie highlighted Instagram’s efforts to “shadowban” him from the platform, stating that “Instagram doesn’t like what I have to say.”

Higbie said recently, some of his Instagram followers had contacted him to let him know they had to refollow his account, or that his posts don’t appear on their feeds anymore.

Demonstrating himself, he searched his account on Instagram. What comes up first are fake accounts. His account does not appear until he typed in his full name.

“I’m not even found until you type in my full name, I am @CarlHigbie. Can’t be any simpler,” said Higbie. “I’m a blue checkmark, with 20,000 followers. But any number of fake accounts with less than 100 followers comes up ahead of me.”

“Aside from the idea that a blue checkmark is designed to make sure that the public figure that you’re searching for is in fact the account that you are clicking on. Also, it’s against their community guidelines to have accounts in person and the other people look, you can see it right there,” he continued.

Higbie added that he and dozens of others have reported these accounts, like Instagram encourages, and yet they still appear before his account when searching.

He also revealed that his account cannot be tagged, demonstrating it in the Instagram stories feature.

“Go ahead, try it. Try to tag me, this is what you’ll see. This is a picture of another verified user on Instagram that we follow each other. And they can’t tag me. I’m all grayed out. Bottom left. It’s not an option,” said Higbie.

Higbie said he received a notification that one of his recent posts “was performing 95% better than my other post.” That post received 266 likes. He went back in his account to show that posts from just a few weeks ago were getting above 1,000 likes.

“So how the hell is a post with 266 likes performing 95% better than nearly everything else on my platform with far more answer. Instagram doesn’t like what I have to say. It’s chosen to cut my ability to share my content,” said Higbie.

Higbie goes on to address that the “White House has openly admitted to working with Facebook to censor information they don’t like they call it they relabeled it misinformation.”

One example of this “misinformation” targeted by Facebook were Wuhan lab leak theories.

“The fact that six months ago, if you tried to say COVID originated in a lab in Wuhan, you’re posted either blocked or taken down for most platforms entirely. Now, turns out that may be true. Whoops,” said Higbie.

“I’m alerting you to this. Because if you’re like most Americans, and I say most because we all have social media most, you get a lot of your information from those platforms. So there’s a good chance you’re being fed what these platforms want you to see,” he continued.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is a public space according to Higbie despite being a privately owned company.

“They are now a public space. And I would equate this just like a utility provider. You can’t deny your home a service, you know, like gas or cable or power. Social media has become a public domain. The section 230 governs platform versus publisher,” said Higbie, adding that “That means if you’re a publisher, you’re held liable for action on your domain because you have editorial control. seems fair enough. But if you’re a platform, you cannot be held liable because you do not editorialize.”

“These platforms are playing both sides of the law getting the advantages of each one with the protections of a platform and the editorial control of a publisher. They often push an ideological agenda with it. Now, if I was a betting man, I would say their time of playing mini tyrant is coming to an end with former President Trump’s lawsuit. We’ll see,” Higbie concluded.

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