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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News Wednesday night to discuss Republican members being booted off the Jan 6 commission by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Carlson asked,  “I wonder why she (Liz Cheney) and the rest of the Democrats, keep telling us that this commission is so important, but won’t answer basic questions, like why can’t we see the surveillance footage? Who shot Ashley Babbitt? How many FBI informants were in the crowd that day? Why don’t they answer basic factual questions about that day?”

Jordan answered, “Or Tucker the fundamental question, which is why wasn’t there a proper security posture that day? It wasn’t like we didn’t know that there was a rally in town. It wasn’t like we didn’t know it would be a big rally, after all this was a President Trump rally. Why wasn’t there a proper security presence? That’s a question that only as you pointed out in your monologue, only the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives can answer.”

“But my guess is Tucker, my guess is the reason she didn’t have the proper presence there is because, think about what happened last year, the Democrats normalized anarchy. They said, ‘oh, if you’re a rioter and you’re attacking police that we’re defunding and you’re destroying small business, we’re going to bail you out you out of jail.’ So with that background, she couldn’t have the presence that you need that day. So I think that is the fundamental question, why isn’t Representative Cheney or anyone else talking about that?”

Tucker replied, “Right. Well, Cheney’s obviously a shill, but I have to ask though and press a little bit on that explanation. So immediately January 6th Pelosi called the army and built a wall, ironically, around the building, put euros of the Capitol police in other states, her own Praetorian guard, et cetera. So she’s clearly for law enforcement when they protect her.”

“Christopher Wray refused to get on a conference call about preparation for January 6th, before it happened, they knew it was coming. They didn’t protect the building. They let the protestors in. the FBI has a long history of setting up crimes. They just did it in Michigan,” Carlson added referencing his previous reveal that the FBI was highly involved in the attempted kidnapping of Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.  

Tucker asked, “Why isn’t there a good faith investigation into the FBI’s behavior or do Republicans somehow trust FBI?”

Jordan responded, “While we’re talking, you may remember a few weeks ago when we had the FBI director in front of the judiciary committee. I asked him about what happened to the Hoopers up in the state of Alaska, their door was kicked in. They were handcuffed at held at gunpoint and interrogated for four hours. They weren’t even in the Capitol. So I’ve been pressing for those answers to those kinds of questions.”

The Congressman continued, “But the fundamental question is why wasn’t there a proper security presence that particular day? And again, only the Speaker of the House can answer that question. And what I find interesting is this morning’s political headline. I got it right here. ‘Dems, except McCarthy’s picks for January six panel.’ So they accepted it. Everything was fine. It was reported this morning. So that was news. That was as of yesterday.”

Jordan added, “Last night, I go on your network and I raised these very points and I talk about this and suddenly, shazam! Speaker changes everything Mr. Banks and Mr. Jordan can’t be on the committee. So maybe that’s the reason maybe she just doesn’t want to answer that fundamental question or any other questions. This is all political, and we’ve known that from the start.”

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