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Impossible Foods — read: it’s impossible this food is good — announced this week that they were expanding their meatless offerings from “beef” and “sausage” to include “chicken” nuggets. My, how comfortable we have become to be making “meat” out of leaves when there’s no shortage of readily available and delicious farm animals ready to grace our dinner tables.

Impossible Foods’ imposter nuggets are made with “textured soy protein and sunflower oil to replicate the bite and fatty mouthfeel of nuggets,” according to Bloomberg’s report on the new food (a word used generously here) in a description that is anything but appetizing.

The new plant-based nugs will be sold to restaurants first, and eventually available to consumers directly via retail outlets. — Impossible Foods (@ImpossibleFoods) July 16, 2021 This new foray into meatless meat comes as part of Impossible Foods’ goal to eliminate all animal-based meat — which would be literally all the real meat out there — in 15 years.

It’s part of Impossible Foods’ push to save the planet, or something, by foisting questionable foods on us. According to them, “adjusting your diet can be better than getting solar panels, driving an electric car, or avoiding […]


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