Is it wrong that I’m rooting for the U.S. Women’s National Team to lose, and humiliatingly so, this Olympics?

Of course it’s not wrong. The USWNT, led by America’s favorite histrionic Megan Rapinoe, protested against racism and discrimination by taking the knee before their first Olympic match. Though the stadium was empty (certainly nothing new to the USWNT), the attending “reporters” revived each other with smelling salts to swoon and gape at the unparalleled fortitude exhibited by these privileged virtue-signalers in what was dubbed a “social justice reckoning”.

I find soccer thoroughly unwatchable and, if forced to choose, I’d rather do something less painful like chew broken glass. But I won’t deny being smugly satisfied to read that the USWNT got massacred by Sweden. And there are a few other athletes for whose wokism I’m hoping ends in face plants:


Apparently, there’s a sport called hammer throwing, and Gwen Berry excels at it. Unfortunately, hammer throwing doesn’t draw the crowds that swimming and gymnastics does. In fact, had Berry not turned her back and disrespected the U.S. national anthem, most people would never have heard of her.

After the sought-after backlash, Berry parroted the usual yard sign witticisms about how […]


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