The Loudon County Public Schools board has been in the news over the past several months for its extremely woke policies. This week the woke Virginia school system has been deliberating over a demand to force students and teachers to use pronouns preferred by transgender students.

An Iranian Christian immigrant spoke before the board during its meeting this week and told the board that if it insists on pushing the pronoun policy, he will respond in kind.

Not the Bee reports:

This guy is very angry, you can see it in his face. And through his anger he makes a very good point. Preferred pronoun mandates are compelled speech, point blank period. And they will be abused. If the Loudoun County school board institutes punitive measures to compel everyone to use students’ “preferred pronouns,” I truly hope this guy really makes them refer to his children as “king” and “queen” and himself as “master.”

Going by the critical race theory hierarchy of oppressor and oppressed, he scores high in intersectionality. He’s not white, he is an immigrant, and from an oppressed religious minority in Iran (though not in most of the United States — only Colorado at this point officially oppresses Christian cake-bakers). He’s male, which counts against him. He’s in a mixed marriage, he’s Chaldean and his wife is Armenian. He’s from a country that views itself as an enemy of the United States, which wins him many points with the likes of the AOC “squad.” So on balance, the very people he’s criticizing must listen to him.

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