Thanks VieuxOrdinaire for your response.

“The buildup of toxins (such as EMF radiation in Wuhan and Italy)”

This explanation could work for Wuhan and Italy but not the rest of the world. Therefore it’s not a reasonable one.

“The sudden focus on these issues alone leads ppl to believe there is a scary virus going around. Imagine we all lay a magnifying glass on all…say…pancreatic cancer cases the coming year. Including number gauges on the bottom right of the TV channels, media coverage all day long, etc. People would be scared sh*tless.”

To an extent this could be an explanation for overall cases, but it doesn’t work for clusters in an area.

“Watch a few clips of nurses and how they were told to operate the oxygen devices lately.”

Again this wouldn’t be a reasonable explanation for cluster cases all around the world.

“The toxification (environment, water/food, 5G & other EMF, masks, bacterial pneumonia, jabs, not fasting) will likely trigger a seasonal detox reaction.”

Sure I could understand this, but again it will not explain cluster cases and that’s the reason I asked you about them.

” – watch; virusesarenotcontagious
– Read The Contagion Myth by T. Cowan
– Read; dr-stefan-lanka”

I have a lot of respect for Dr. Cowan, Dr. Kaufman and Stefan Lanka and have watched numerous videos with them discussing Covid, germ and terrain theory. I haven’t seen any of them present a reasonable explanation for Covid clusters.

“The body is on a cycle, everything is. Due to cyclical changes in climate, food, seasons etc the body clears out once every so often (depending on the level of built up cell toxicity).”

Sure I believe this, but again it will not explain the existence of Covid clusters in an area. The statistical chances that a group of people in close proximity will undergo their detox cycle at the same time and all of them will exhibit the same symptoms and several of them will die shortly after doesn’t sound like the body’s normal detox cycle to me.

Please use your exosome-detox theory to explain a recent cluster case that occurred in an Okinawa hospital that resulted in 64 deaths.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the exosome/terrain theory and would be very happy to jump on board with it. But unless/until someone can come up with a convincing reasonable explanation for cluster cases, I will continue to sit on the exosome/terrain theory fence. ?

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