It’s not a total wrecking of Joe Biden, but comedian Bill Maher’s take on Joe’s chaotic and shameful exit from Afghanistan is one that will still anger liberals. Why? Well, because while he invoked Trump—he did shred a campaign talking point the Biden camp peddled in 2020. Now, Maher has been good at attacking the insanity of the woke Left all summer. And now with this foreign policy debacle, he noted how our exit is “Trumpian,” but the adults are back—supposedly—and they’re still f**king things up (via Fox News):

Maher kicked off the show’s panel discussion Friday night by knocking former President Trump, asserting that “everything he did” during his presidency was “f—ed up and crazy” and ever since Biden was elected and took office, “the adults are back in charge.”

“The people who know what they’re doing — the Democrats — and the pullout looks exactly … I can’t think of how it could’ve looked any different if it was Trump. Honestly,” Maher said. “I mean, how could it be more f—ed up? How could it be more incompetent? How could it be more Trumpian? So what do I say to myself when I sleep at night when the adults are back in charge and they f— it up exactly as bad as Trump would?”


However, despite the significant backlash Biden has faced, Maher later predicted that the decision to follow through with the military withdrawal will “look good and brave” in the future.

“It was gonna happen, it had to happen and he was the one who f—in’ pulled the Band-Aid off,” Maher told the panel before moving on.

Now, there’s no way Trump would have allowed Americans to be left behind. There’s no way Trump would have caved to the Taliban on our exit date. Biden is doing both. Also, the Biden crew worked within the pre-existing deal Trump made with the Taliban regarding our exit; they were the ones who extended the deadline. It’s why the Biden pivot in blaming Trump hasn’t stuck at all. Also, let’s not kid ourselves, given the Taliban’s position in the country—we had to negotiate with them if we wanted to leave.

As for the latter part, look—he lives in California—he has to blunt some of the blows in order to keep his audience, but only lefty Twitter trolls and Biden bots are the ones that actually think our withdrawal is going well.

Yesterday, 13 US service members, mostly US Marines, were killed by two suicide bombers. It was the worst day of the Biden presidency and while Joe might have wanted to have put our exit in cruise control—now he has to deal with it. and he’s probably not too happy about it.

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