A brief video clip (about 22 seconds) of Joe Biden’s joint appearance with Israel’s prime minister is circulating on the internet. It appears to show Biden dozing while Prime Minister Bennett is speaking to him.

At the beginning of the clip Bennett is looking directly at Biden. After about eight seconds, he turns away from Biden. Perhaps Bennett thought that Biden had nodded off, so there was no point in looking at him.

Did Biden really fall asleep during his appearance with Bennett? The full video of their joint appearance casts doubt on this suggestion, for as soon as Bennett finishes his statement, Biden responds to him, albeit with decidedly little vigor. (The relevant portion of the full video begins at around the 10 minute mark.)

It’s possible that Biden did fall asleep. It certainly looks like he might have.

In the full video, we can see Biden’s head drop suddenly, as happens when someone nods off. However, he moves his fingers slightly during the portion of the video that follows the drop of the head.

If Biden did nod off, it could only have been for a moment or two. But that would be a moment or two longer than what one would expect from a president.

Watch for yourself and see what you think.

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