It’s been one week since the bitter and catastrophic fall of Afghanistan. Where are all the loud, vile, crass, so-glad-to-be-rid-of-the-mean-tweeter voters? Their silence is deafening (albeit golden).

Why aren’t there rallies in the city streets celebrating the withdrawal from that war-torn country? 

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One thing we have to hand Obama, he knew how to work a crowd. His skilled NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) shtick had the world mesmerized by his every word. Everyone, that is, except those of us who saw through the con. 

The Indonesian Kenyan also seems to have been an astute judge of character and competence (perhaps because he lacks both), saying of his Vice President, “Don’t under-estimate his ability to f*ck things up.”

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Now we know why he didn’t endorse Hunter’s dad and DOCTOR Jill Biden’s husband. His stumbling, bumbling buffoon of a wingman has singlehandedly botched the exit from Afghanistan as badly as it could possibly have been botched, yet nary a peep have we heard from the supposed 81 million of you who own this nightmare. 

It gets worse. A lot worse.

At the current hour, Glenn Beck is working furiously to rescue Christians from certain death, only to be thwarted BY OUR OWN STATE DEPARTMENT, which called ahead and prohibited the planes from landing in whichever country would agreed to shelter them. 

Excuse me, what was that? 

Yes. You read that correctly. Beck has been loading airplanes full of men, women, and children who are converts to Christianity from Afghanistan to keep them from being burned alive or having to drink the soup of their boiled children’s bodies, and OUR OWN US STATE DEPARTMENT is cancelling their rescues. 

What kind of wickedness has gripped the men at the helm? 

If this isn’t nauseating news, check your pulse right now. 

And for the rest of you, those pink-hat-wearing, knee-taking, Antifa apologists out there, I hope you stay deep inside the hole you just crawled into and, like Joe trying to navigate the White House grounds, can’t find your way out. 

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