The authoritarians are having their way in many parts of America. Leftist havens like California, Oregon, and New York are becoming unlivable for those who are unvaccinated. But they’re also becoming challenges for the vaccinated as the so-called “path to normalcy” has failed to deliver anything normal. Lockdowns keep reappearing. Mask-nannies are everywhere. Much of America is on the path to becoming a police state.

In Australia, they’ve already embraced totalitarian oppression. The police state is in full effect down under. Many Americans are seeing the similarities between Australia a couple of months ago and America today. Does that mean in a couple of months America or at least parts of it will look like Australia today?

Donald Trump Jr sees what’s coming, and he’s demanding that we not let it come to pass. It only took him four words to communicate a mantra that every freedom-loving American should be repeating to their representatives at every level of government.

“Don’t Australia my America,” he Tweeted.

If Americans, particularly in leftist-controlled cities and states, do not take back control today, our tomorrow will no longer be anything like the United States of America. We’ll be a police state like Australia without the kangaroos.

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