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WASHINGTON — Democrats continue to believe that the American people are stupid. That’s the only logical explanation for their continued statements, actions, and downright ridiculous actions. Let me try to explain.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you are aware that President Joe Biden is mentally incapable of being President. Dementia Joe continues to forget who he is, where he is, and more importantly to him, what flavor of ice cream he wants. Yet, we are simply told we should believe that this man won the 2020 election without question. I am not saying that there was election fraud, but I will say there are a lot of questions. Questions that Democrats continue to refuse to answer because they believe the American people are stupid.

It continues with Biden’s tremendous damage to the economy. Companies are struggling to find workers and struggling to make ends meet in the Biden economy. Black workers are struggling more too, as they find unemployment continues to rise. But the Democrats believe that Americans are too stupid to put it all together.

Then there is the big case of Afghanistan. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says that all Americans who wanted out have been able to leave the nation. If you don’t believe me, here’s the video of him saying just that is an interview with a NY news station.

State Fair hosts Senator Chuck Schumer

State Fair hosts Senator Chuck Schumer

Of course they want to say that he simply misspoke. But this is not a matter to “misspeak” or make light of. This is a serious matter, where Americans were deserted by their own President and leadership and left to die.

That’s exactly how The Associated Press describes it in a recent article. People are fearing for their lives, preparing for what they feel is a coming death. One was described as expecting to be beheaded by the Taliban if something was not done and soon.

Biden said no one would be left behind. He claimed that American forces would remain until the last of these Americans were able to leave. But again, the Democrats believe that Americans are too stupid to realize what is going on.

While I certainly have concerns for many Americans who actually voted for Biden, I am not buying the lie that Americans are too stupid to realize what is happening.

New polls are showing that Biden is struggling. One recent poll suggests that over half of Americans believe he should resign simply for his Afghanistan debacle. His disapproval rating continues to outperform his approval rating in almost every poll conducted.

Americans are not believing these lies anymore, if they did in the first place. The real question is, where is the absolute outrage? Where is the action to tell the Democrats that we are not as stupid as they believe we are.

Some action is happening. I think back to recent news about how many average Americans are running for local offices. Some are sweeping in and saving school boards, local towns, and others from radical destruction. But is that enough?

It seems that many Americans are frustrated but many have not arrived at the point of action. They have not made the conscious decision that we must take more action than simply expressing our frustration. We must run for local offices and fight local radical ideas, but we must also stand up to the tyranny that is happening in Washington DC.

That means not a day should go by that our representatives are not tired of hearing their phone ring. They should know that we the people are not sitting back and taking this anymore. We cannot continue to let the radical left brainwash our youth and radicalize our neighbors through social causes. If we are not active, they win.

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