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WASHINGTON — As more information continues to be exposed in the Afghanistan debacle, the more we are seeing the same actions from President Joe Biden. We should have expected this, given his actions with the border crisis.

At the southern border, he placed Vice President Kamala Harris in control. She ignored the situation, allowing thousands of undocumented immigrants into the country without following the process. She did not visit the border to evaluate the crisis for months.

Then she ran down to the border real quick for a photo op for the mainstream media and to try and silence conservative criticism. Since then, nothing has changed and nothing has been done at the southern border.

Now, we have Afghan refugees coming into our country unvetted and seemingly allowed to enter the country without following any process. That’s what Rep. Mike Green (R-TN) said on Wednesday in an exclusive interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News.

Green said that his office was made aware that Uber rides were arriving at Fort Pickett and taking the Afghan refugees out into freedom in America. All without appropriate vetting, paperwork, process, you name it.

That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Allowing someone free reign into our country without any process. It is all part of the Joe Biden, ‘Destroy America Plan’ because it is certainly not ‘Building Back Better.’

The idea and concept behind better means that we are going to be better off tomorrow than we are today. Our nation should be working for the American people. Our nation should be more secure and safe from outside threats. Our nation should be promoting American values and ideals. But none of this is included as part of the Biden plan.

Instead, we find our nation being infiltrated with thousands of illegal immigrants that are unvetted and given free access to the resources of the United States of America. We do not know if these refugees are anti-American terrorists or even where they are located in the country at this point.

We find that employment for Americans continues to be a nightmare. Unemployment for Black Americans continues to rise. Businesses across the country are unable to find Americans willing to work thanks to the Biden unemployment payments. Supply lines are facing strain due to production delays and scarce resources.

Inflation is on the rise, costing Americans more for the things they use every day. Housing, food, energy, cars, gasoline, and healthcare are all costing Americans significantly more based on the latest BLS reports.

That certainly does not sound better than we were before Biden took office. This is not a situation where we are building back a stronger America in any sense of the means.

Instead, we are weaker than ever before. Our economy is on shaky footing and our national security is at risk. On the world stage, we are the laughing stock of the world, as world leaders realize our President is not mentally fit for office. They recognize that he is on a mission to destroy America, while many in America have yet to wake up to this reality.

Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ was nothing more than radical left-wing propaganda that gave him a talking point for the campaign and with the mainstream media. They printed their nice posters, used the sound bites, and have pandered to the suggestion of Americans being better off than they were before.

Instead, we see the real Biden plan. A plan that is an absolute disaster and putting America on the course to the radical left’s plan of destruction. So much for being better.

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