That’s. Just. Great.

After a year-and-a-half of lost work, lost wages, lost education, lost relationships, lost futures, lost facial expressions, lost loved ones, and lost hope, the shitbirds in DC are only picking up steam and TRYING to drive us insane. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

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The Woke want you to suffer. They want you to be isolated and alone. Shoot, they want you to die. I’ve seen it said a hundred times on social media. We just watched a Woke, white, pink-haired gorilla physically attack a black, conservative man who is trying to save the Left Coast lunatics in Commiefornia from themselves. I don’t know why he’s interested in that task, but I can only thank God, because he’s a better man than most.  


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That’s right. 


Don’t buy their bullcrap ANYMORE! 

If you are being threatened with your employment because you stand for bodily autonomy or because you are afflicted with a disease that won’t ALLOW you to get an experimental jab, just hold your ground. These miscreants keep launching trial balloons to see how far they can push us, with the added side-benefit of trying to make us cower in fear. All to force us to comply with their whims. Time for us to make like Dee Snider with a fresh can of HairNet and yell, “WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

That’s right. Make them fire you!  

DO NOT – I repeat – DO NOT RESIGN from any employment that is requiring you to get a jab. That jab goes with you after you leave your shift. What right does ANYONE have to try to force a FOREVER alteration inside your body? They are merely abusing their power as much and for as long as they think they can get away with it. Your health is between you and your new, (hopefully) functional medicine doctor. 

That’s right. DO NOT RESIGN. GO TO WORK on that appointed deadline day, as if you are the best employee they’ve ever seen. Dress up, smell nice, go to work with zeal. 

Make them FIRE YOU!  Make them remove you from the premises, by force. YOU WOULD NOT QUIT VOLUNTARILY, so make them drag you out of there. And be sure to film every second of it.

Then, once you and your like-minded buddies have made your point (and covertly collected each other’s names) and they have made a scene with their tyrannical antics for all the world to see on TikTok – THEN you contact a kickbutt employment law attorney. Start and end your search with to find a patriot lawyer who’s ready to fight lawlessness with lawfare. This isn’t going to end just because some tiny, rat-faced, bespectacled, weasel-bureaucrat says it’s over. 

Hold. The. Line.

Listen, the Arizona election fraud story is gaining some traction. Evil and/or crazy always steps it up a notch when the vise tightens. This is easily (serious as it may be) yet another distraction from the issues that have their feet to the fire. They are feeling the heat, believe me. Let’s ride this out together. 

But, like our Hawaii rebel Ohana known as the Knights of Aloha raising nightly Hell in the streets of Waikiki, we need to be making our voices heard in every city. 


We will push back. Harder. 

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