During my time at seminary over a decade ago, I discovered this little gem: the Greek word “pharmakeia” is the root word for pharmacy and pharmaceutical, obviously, but in the Greek it actually means “sorcery” or “magic.” And pharmakia has been transliterated all the way to 21st-Century English as “pharmacy.” Christians are clearly instructed to keep a great distance between themselves and the practice of sorcery with good reason. There is a lot to unpack there. 

If we recall, the modern pharmacy is the grandchild of foregone apothecaries. And in early medicine, apothecarists worked alongside priests and physicians for patient care and healing. Wow, has a lot changed since then. 

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Instead of treating the whole person and getting to root causes, today’s modern medicine seems to identify symptoms only, and focus on those symptoms rather than understanding, learning, or teaching the patient that there are underlying issues causing their unsettling symptoms. 

Which is by itself greatly disheartening, but in today’s hypersensitive COVID era is actually quite dangerous. 

The Sorcery of Covid 

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I don’t even like to say the word, COVID. There’s been some rumblings around the backward spelling of COVID that means demonic possession. And the COVID-19 name, should we assign a numeric value to 1 and 9, would mean A and I respectively. Thus, one could surmise COVID-19 as denoting “demonic possession with artificial intelligence.” I’m not claiming to subscribe to this theory, but merely adding some awareness, so let’s put a pin in that one for now. 

Back to the Bible

In his Revelation to John, the Messiah says in 18:23b; “for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” KJV 

If we see this from a Heavenly perspective, we might note that yes, all nations are being deceived by the sorceries of the “great men of the Earth.” The Great Reset is here, hellbent on the destruction of the world. We note the familiarity from studying Revelation, that while we still have time, we must continue to speak Truth and help others from being deceived into their doom, both physically and spiritually. 

The Resistance is Here 

With a healthy dose of the Holy Spirit, many Christians have declared they will not be getting the jab. We have become the resistance now. The battle for religious liberty will rage on, as we continue to remain stalwart in our refusal to submit. 

Don’t lose heart. There are MILLIONS of us! 

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