We’ve been noticing, and praising, entertainers on the Left who are waking up to the totalitarianism being shoved down our throats and using their platforms to call it out. From America’s Top Model Adrianne Curry to Russell Brand to Bill Maher, these aren’t Trump supporters or conservatives (indeed, they aren’t even Republicans), but they see the evil that has become the Democrat Party and they are standing up and speaking out. Add Nicki Minaj to the list.

With a single tweet, the “Super Bass” singer caused Twitter to erupt. All she had to do was ask people to pray on the decision to get jabbed and to say they should “make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bullied” and the Left lost it’s collective mind. You don’t have to like her music or approve of her life choices to love how she shot down those in the globalist power structure who tried to silence her for doing to question its COVID narrative. With 22.6MM followers, Minaj packs a mighty punch.

The tweet that ignited a firestorm that melted down Twitter.

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As we’ve come to expect, all the Twitter School of Medicine graduates immediately weighed in, offering differential diagnoses of her cousin’s friend without even knowing his name, much less his medical history. Even board-certified urologists felt the need to diagnose without ever examining the patient and urged people to not ask questions and basically ordered them to turn themselves into genetically modified organisms OR PEOPLE WILL DIE! [Insert Phony Outrage Here]. Perhaps their state boards need to review those tweets.

Condescending doyens of “do better” got especially served by the rapper, who didn’t back down. Leading the charge was Meghan “My Father” McCain, who tweeted to Minaj, “That’s entirely enough Internet today.” That exchange did not end well for the Princess of Patriarchal Privilege. You can see Minaj’ response HERE.

Mockingbird Media Meltdown

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And then a targeted, organized attack from the Mockingbird Media was launched, claiming that Minaj was skipping the virtue-signaling Met gala in NYC because it required the deathjab, when the fact the reason for her absence was that she opted to stay home with her infant son rather than fob him off on nannies. What she DID say was that if she does get the jab, it won’t be to attend a gala, but a considered decision she takes after gathering relevant information. That’s called “science” and “personal freedom” and those cannot be tolerated by the Left.

Piers Morgan (who either must have his income tied to the number of Twitter spats he has or just an overblown sense of his importance to global culture) waded into a fight that really had nothing to do with him, calling Minaj “ghastly” and “the rudest little madam” he’s ever met. Whereupon Minaj owned Morgan by adopting that moniker as her Twitter bio.

Trying to leverage Nicki’s popularity on Twitter, the racist Joy Reid (who isn’t popular even on the network that employs her) waded in, at which point Minaj returned serve, calling Reid “A lying, homophobic coon” and then said she’s going “to join in the reindeer games too” and that if people can go on TV and lie about her, she can report on them too. The tweet continued, “Doesn’t have to be truths. It can be half truths” and attached pics of a Reid tweet last Autumn about not trusting CDC or a vaccine approved by FDA and a Vox piece on Reid’s homophobic blog posts.

Love Trumps Hate

Overwhelming the hate Minaj got from the guardians of the kleptocracy were the messages of support she got from fans. One fan thanked Minaj “for being real about this” and “For everyone else, we gotta support ANYONE that is willing to publicly ask these basic questions. This is literally evidence that if you are even adjacent to the narrative you are a target.” That tweet had one reply “This is the truth. You’re ‘cancelled’ for asking questions.”

Keep fighting the good fight, patriots. People are waking up and seeing for themselves that the evil we have called out for decades is real. We don’t want a country ruled by the Uniparty elites, but one in which our myriad different voices come together to uphold our common enterprise. One where we might disagree with what people say, but defend to the death their right to say it. One where politics stops at water’s edge. And one where politicians are servants of We the People, not the other way around.

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