Another day, another series of breakthrough cases of Covid-19 being spun by the woke, totalitarian NFL as a positive. This time, it’s the New Orleans Saints who were struck by the ‘Rona with six coaches, a nutritionist, and a player all testing Covid-positive.

Predictably, this is not being reported as unambiguous proof the “vaccines” do not prevent infections. They’re simply touting the fact that they don’t have to wait the required 10 days for unvaccinated players and staff who test positive. The NFL’s segregation rules are among the toughest in the nation whether in the realm of sports or not. We wouldn’t expect less from a league that embraces Critical Race Theory, aka anti-white racism, and plays the “Black National Anthem” before games.

According to NBC Sports:

Updating his prior report,’s Adam Schefter says that a total of eight people have tested positive for COVID. Six offensive coaches, a player, and a nutritionist will enter the COVID protocol.

It could get worse come Wednesday. The weekly testing protocol for vaccinated players and staff requires the tests to be divided over three days. More could return positive results on Wednesday.

None of the vaccinated players or staff who test positive can return until generating negative tests at least 24 hours apart. For unvaccinated players — who are tested daily — a positive test results in a minimum absence of 10 days.

The incessant spin that vaccinated players and coaches are somehow less dangerous to the rest of the team than unvaccinated continues despite clear indicators that the opposite may be true. Don’t expect the NFL to admit the truth any time soon.

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