It’s been a strange situation the past few months. The authoritarian socialists of the anti-liberty Left have displayed a decided lack of concern over the looming midterms next year. Their stunning record of failure should give them pause that they are in for an electoral trouncing of epic proportions.

However, they seem quite content to continue doing as they have been, even doubling down. They are going full fascist authoritarian as though they will still hold the reins of power no matter what.

The video discusses why they hold this belief. It builds on the fact that they have opened the southern border to an illegal invasion of a size never seen before. Thousands are flooding in from all over the world for free goodies paid for by dollars extracted at gunpoint from US taxpayers. While innocent citizens are being saddled with increasingly draconian COVID restrictions, Illegal invaders are being shuttled around the country.

Add to this the fact that Dear Leader Biden wants to capitalize on his colossal cluster fornication, using it as an excuse to bring in thousands more – that could be terrorists to boot – to do the same thing.

Last July, the birdcage liner of record presented an opinion piece with the brilliant idea of having all of these illegal invaders vote – because reasons. Clearly, this is their ‘Hail Mary’ pass to act as they have and still cling to power. There is a very trenchant meme going around that frames this perfectly, it has an image of our Dear leader with the words: If you won’t vote Democrat, I’ll flood the country with people who will.

This was obvious many months ago, but now the flood has become a tsunami. Yes, now that forcing people to wear virus spreaders is all the rage, the anti-liberty Left has dropped the mask on its latent Nazism. They’re using the same old scam of trying to buy votes with other people’s money, money that is taken by force under the cover of lies, thus the reason the anti-liberty Left is waging a war on free speech and the common sense civil right of self-defense.

The problem for these ignorant liberticidal Leftists is that were this to work it will destroy the country. At what point will the border be closed? A Poll indicated that over 150 million people would like to flood into the states for freebies. Needless to say, we don’t have the money to pay for the benefits for the people that are already here, millions and millions more illegal invaders will crater the economy. Wise men of the past have warned of this circumstance.

“It is impossible to introduce into society a greater Change and a greater Evil than this: the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder.” Frédéric Bastiat

Systems of socialistic slavery always implode when there aren’t enough makers to produce for too many takers. However, our authoritarian socialist comrades of the anti-liberty Left haven’t quite learned this lesson. They still think that authoritarian socialism can work if it’s ‘done correctly’. The problem is that it is fundamentally flawed and can never be ‘done correctly’. Hence, they have to be stopped before we reach that tipping point into oblivion.

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It’s just another irony of the anti-liberty Left that the people who think of themselves as intellectually superior have a case of not knowing what they don’t know. That lack of understanding of history and basic logic means they are dangerous beyond belief.

Plandemic, Voter Fraud, Afghanistan: All Parts of The Great Reset

If you still consider “conspiracy theorist” to be a pejorative, you’re not paying enough attention.

What do Covid-19, 2020 (and beyond) election fraud, and our disastrous abandoning of American citizens in Afghanistan have to do with one another? They’re all parts of the globalist plan to usher in a new era of Neo-Marxism in a depopulated world. This is The Great Reset unfolding before our eyes, and the only way we can stop it (other than through constant prayer) is to stand together and spread the truth.

Covid-19’s attachment to The Great Reset is obvious, though we continue to post about it daily. Voter fraud is a bit less obvious but nonetheless easy to recognize when we understand that people like Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and Emmanuel Macron are pushing to “Build Back Better” under the precepts of Neo-Marxism.

The Afghanistan betrayal in August, 2021, is harder to associate with The Great Reset, but it’s definitely just as attached. We can see this is the unwillingness of the Biden regime to extend the deadline to withdraw despite American lives put clearly in harm’s way. We can see it in the needlessly abandoned military equipment that was conspicuously left intact; disabling a Black Hawk takes minutes but they were given to the Taliban in pristine working condition. Then, there’s the pallets of hundred dollar bills left for them. If you think all of this was just irresponsible governance, you probably think Barack Obama is out of politics, too.

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Weakening America’s standing in the world and empowering the Chinese Communist Party and others to engage fully with our enemies in a globalist cabal are beneficial to the architects of The Great Reset, and both happened in one fell swoop in August.

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