China is constructing what amounts to a stationary aircraft carrier on Canton Island in the Republic of Kiribati barely 1,900 miles southwest of Pearl Harbor. Russia has been conducting maneuvers not far from Oahu for months. Now both of these enemies are threatening to encroach even closer to the Hawaiian Islands.

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For many years there has been intelligence that Iran could launch a missile from a disguised cargo or tanker vessel in the Pacific. How ironic with the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor coming up less than 3 months from now on December 7th.

This is 2021, not 1941. America is more divided politically now than at any time that you or I have been on this planet. We have not carried a war through to final victory since World War II.

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I hope this has the undivided attention of Admiral John Aquilino, who is in charge of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. As allegations surface that Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley abrogated the chain of command under then Commander in Chief Donald Trump, one has to believe that our former Indo-Pacific Commander, Admiral Phil Davidson, would have been privy to any such instructions from the Pentagon.

A moment’s hesitation can result in immense consequences in this age of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Alerting a foreign enemy of American military action is absolutely unfathomable. It would make our homeland susceptible to an incoming first strike.

There hasn’t been a treason trial in this country for many decades. I hope these allegations against our top military officer prove unfounded. I sincerely do. I am more concerned about everyone else in the military, not only generals and admirals, but also every new enlistee, that they be able to trust the integrity of their chain of command.

We are not here to litigate. When charges go beyond insubordination to treason, they defy speculation. Our concern here rather is that U.S. Armed Forces in the Pacific Basin focus their undivided attention on foreign enemies. They must not be distracted by the debacle in Afghanistan. They must not be sucked into any political shenanigans going on inside the DC Beltway.

They also must not be unduly concerned about events going on in the civilian community here on the island of Oahu. The military mission involves deterrence and, when necessary, fighting foreign enemies through to our ultimate victory and their absolute surrender. Nothing less is acceptable. Sedition within the ranks is more lethal than foreign arsenals.

Hawaii, as in 1941, is America’s Mid-Pacific Frontier. While we are over the horizon, out of sight, out of mind for the majority of our American countrymen, our foreign enemies know exactly where we are. That’s why this next section is so important.


To say that the social fabric of Hawaii is unraveling would be the understatement of the year. While the United States government, both military and civilian, faces similar counterproductive edicts from the Biden administration, individual military members here in Hawaii are also impacted by unreasonable and unconstitutional local “emergency orders”. They don’t remain on base 24x7x365.

The panic and paranoia over covid response have totally immobilized the entire infrastructure of Hawaii. Everything has come to a grinding halt. People no longer make their own decisions. They simply cower in the corner of their own homes awaiting instructions from the governor or the mayor. Groupthink has replaced individual initiative and squelched all incentive to do anything except what one is told to do.

There are absolutely constitutional issues involved in vaccine passports. There are also statutory concerns. Ethical considerations abound. We have looked at many of these matters previously. Today let’s instead focus on national security.

When we become a society of mindless robots, unable to think for ourselves, we are not prepared to properly respond to a real emergency. Putting aside the false missile alert that occurred here in Hawaii a few years ago, a real missile headed in our direction would be an absolute emergency. This preoccupation with covid is nowhere near being in that category.

If an incoming missile is not intercepted, annihilation occurs. That is not imminent in any of these so-called variants proliferating in our midst. This hypersensitivity by government officials, which they have successfully instilled in the public, has totally undermined our cohesiveness, not only locally but nationally. We have become so myopic that we can’t see beyond the minor waves refreshing our coastlines.

When there is an earthquake as far away as Chile or New Zealand or Siberia, we often get a tsunami alert here in Hawaii. But we don’t have those buoys alerting us to other threats that may soon reach our horizons. The USS Arizona band played at Bloch Arena at Pearl Harbor on Saturday night, December 6th, 1941. It was a time of relaxation and enjoyment. The next day brought unthinkable horror.

The lesson is that if we become so inwardly focused that we are unprepared to assert our role as a superpower in the world, we are just making ourselves vulnerable. Rather than just addressing the good people of Hawaii, we need to get the attention of our national
defense infrastructure. As long as the Pentagon promotes Critical Race Theory and undermines preparedness, disaster is just around the corner. As long as we refuse to consider that covid-19 was a deliberate act of war and biological attack on the United States by the Chinese Communist Party, we will continue to treat it like a domestic threat alone.


For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. [Ephesians 6:12]

Covid is not so much of a physical threat as it is a psychological one. Any number of deaths is too many. But in this world in which we live, covid is not the only disease which claims many lives. We have never declared a national pandemic due to lung cancer or prohibited all tobacco products. There are warnings now on cigarette packs, but there is no prohibition from adults purchasing them.

The response to covid is not commensurate with its role in the overall threat perspective. It is singled out and treated as though it were the ultimate danger to the survival of mankind. This tunnel vision prevents us from remaining circumspect to other hazards.

Every U.S. Navy Sailor, every Marine, every Army Soldier, every Airman, every Space Force Guardian, every Coast Guardsman is dedicated to protecting the very freedoms and liberties which our President and many of our Governors and Mayors are at this very moment taking away. That is a real disconnect.

We are doing to ourselves what no foreign enemy has been able to do since we declared our independence in 1776.

If America is worth defending to the death by a member of the United States military, then it must forever remain a country worth saving. When elected politicians overreact and declare a national crisis, they actually intensify and magnify that which they intended to eliminate. Could any American die of covid? Yes, just as any American could die from taking an untested vaccine.

We’ve discussed all that before, so let’s just conclude this with the realization that we have a country to save. We will not save it by destroying it. When America is no longer America, even as we embolden our enemies in Beijing, Moscow and Tehran, it is authorities from the banks of the Potomac to the tropical shores of Oahu who are depriving us of our God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We respect and admire every member of the United States military stationed here in Hawaii. Ask yourself if you are merely existing or really living. Question whether liberty still personifies the American dream. Are you free to pursue happiness? As all the external, internal and supernatural forces are arrayed against you, will you have the courage to pass a country worth living in to your children and your children’s children? As you defend our country in uniform, help us continue to guarantee that America forever remains the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The military chain of command, as well as every echelon of American government, is accountable to We the People. Today’s Benedict Arnold may not be wearing the uniform of the enemy. Let us never again be betrayed by one in whom we entrust our security.

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