A headline in the Washington Times declares: “Biden has ‘great confidence’ in Gen. Milley despite the general’s anti-Trump maneuvers.” A more accurate headline would replace “despite” with “because of.”

Other than Milley’s anti-Trump sentiments and maneuvers, it’s difficult to imagine a reason why Biden would have any confidence in the general. Oh, wait. I forgot about Milley’s determination to expose military members to the anti-American ravings of critical race theorists.

Milley’s alleged collaboration with the Red Chinese — something that, far from denying, Milley and his White House backers appear to defend — doesn’t faze Biden. Why not? Because Trump.

Let’s hope that the next Republican president won’t excuse treasonous, or borderline treasonous, behavior “because Biden” or “because Kamala Harris.”

The “because Biden” rationale may seem particularly alluring. By the time he departs, there will be good reason to doubt that he’s in possession of a majority of what, in the best of times, were limited faculties.

Jen Psaki said this about her boss’ faith in Milley:

The president knows Gen. Milley. He has been chairman of the joint chiefs for almost eight months of his presidency. They’ve worked side by side through a range of international events and the president has complete confidence in his leadership, his patriotism and his fidelity to our constitution.

It’s astonishing that the White House would have to vouch for the patriotism and fidelity to the constitution of the Joint Chiefs Chairman. I’m old enough to remember when these attributes were self-evident.

Welcome to the new U.S. military.

But how can Milley’s performance in the past eight months possibly justify complete confidence in his leadership? He presided over the worst military disaster the U.S. has suffered in decades. Even absent reason to believe that Milley promised to collaborate with China to thwart what he idiotically thought the commander-in-chief might do, the decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan before evacuating our citizens warrants his removal.

Milley could then teach a course on Mao, Lenin, and Marx at Evergreen State.

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