Speaking on Fox & Friends, sports journalist and culture critic Jason Whitlock pilloried the NFL for its capitulation to the Black Lives Matter movement and its policy of allowing two national anthems to be sung before games, blasting, “They’re kissing the ring of the Black Lives Matter Marxist movement.”

Whitlock was discussing the recent interview he conducted with NBA Hall of Famer Isaiah Thomas in which they discussed the NFL singing two anthems before their games: “The Star Spangled Banner” and “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” popularly known as the black national anthem.

Thomas was asked, “How do we eliminate the ‘race box’ when we sing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ on this hand but then we sing a national Negro anthem here. How is that bringing something together? How do we eliminate the race box if we’re doing that?”

“First of all, great question,” Thomas replied. “For a long time, we fought not to have the race box in the Census Report, right? We fought a long time, they just really kinda got it on where we got classified black, white, yellow, blue, people of color. Now, when you sing the national anthem and then you sing the black national anthem, the only thing that it does is it’s emphasizing our separateness. And what our Founding Fathers, when they wrote the Constitution and everything else, they were talking about bringing us together under one umbrella, under one Constitution, where all men and women, are created equal. Not these black, white, red, yellow color boxes.”

“You know, we were aspiring to be that,” he continued. “So when you sing those different national anthems, you’re just emphasizing that, okay, there are two different statuses, not races. I’m gonna call it what it is: it’s status. There are two different statuses in this country: black and white. So there’s a black nation anthem; there’s a white national anthem.”

“Now, if you want to just have one national anthem, then let’s come together collectively and decide what the national anthem is going to be for this country,” he posited. “Not just the ‘white national anthem’ because the white national anthem has classified as status. We can have an anthem that speaks for Italians, that speaks for Greeks, that speaks for Irish, that speaks for Polish, and that speaks for the aboriginals who were native to this land already. And that’s us.”

Whitlock countered, “Isaiah, the only thing — what you just said — takes us down the path that they want us to go down. ‘Well, let’s come up with a new national anthem that we all agree on.’ And once you do that, then their next step will be, ‘Well, let’s come up with a new Constitution that we all agree on.’ Ahh … ‘Now, let’s come up with a new Declaration of Independence.’ And the only thing I’m trying to tell black people every day: ‘Hey, man, I know s*** started out bad, but that Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and national anthem work for us. It worked for us. Maybe it wasn’t intended for us, but it did work for us.’ And these people who want you just to throw these things out, and ‘Let’s come up with all new,’ it’s a game. It’s a booby-trap.”

On Fox & Friends, Whitlock fired, “You can’t have two national anthems if you want to be one country. … The NFL has bent over backwards for Black Lives Matter and the Marxist agenda and has adopted practices that totally contradict everything you’re taught in team sports and everything that the NFL was about. Football Sundays used to be one of the most unifying experiences we had in this country. People of all different races, economic backgrounds, sexes, would just come together and root for their team. Now they’ve turned things very political and they’re kissing the ring of the Black Lives Matter Marxist movement. “

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