In the 2020 election season, when driving through towns in central North Carolina, my adopted home state, you’d see signs on front lawns or in picture windows that say, “Love Trumps Hate,” “Love is the Answer,” or, “Hate Has No Home Here.” On car bumpers, you’d see stickers proclaiming, “No Hate in My State.” You probably saw the same thing.

Such virtue-signalers are quick to plant BLM signs too, just so you know that they are sufficiently ‘woke.’ They fervently believe that all conservatives—and President Trump in particular and anyone who voted for him—are a hate-filled, despicable, deplorable lot, who dislike immigrants, children, old people, dogs, and clean air.

Sheltered for decades in the Leftist mainstream media bubble, these yard-sign-bearers have a contorted world-view. For them, all news and information arrives filtered through the New York Times, Washington Post , L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune , AP, Reuters, NPR, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, etc. Erroneous Contentions Galore

The Left erroneously espouses that Trump hated immigrants, a contention that is simply wrong: Unlike Biden, he didn’t want endless floods of illegal immigrants arriving, especially when orchestrated by Leftist groups continually seeking to undermine U.S. sovereignty.

Illegal immigrants storm our borders and overrun […]


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