DISGUSTING: Disrespectful Football Player Kneels During Traditional ‘F Joe Biden’ Chant

U.S.—Patriots across the country were livid this week, when during a college football game, one extremely disrespectful freshman player chose to take a knee during the traditional “F Joe Biden” chant as it rang out from the stands. 

Witnesses say that before the game, everyone removed their hats and placed their hands over their hearts, and then began to collectively curse the President with the beloved patriotic tradition. One lone cornerback remained silent and knelt respectfully as everyone chanted “F— Joe Biden! F— Joe Biden!” 

“I’m sorry, but I thought this was America!” said Bob Wumbler, a local NCAA football fan. “How about a little respect for our time-honored traditions? If you don’t wanna honor your heritage and chant ‘F— Joe Biden’ with us, why don’t you go ahead and move to North Korea or something?”

Sources say the player chose to instead quietly say the Pledge of Allegiance, which is no longer a patriotic thing to do now that America has been taken over by the Communists. 

“Just disgusting,” said Wumbler. “I’m never watching another NCAA game again!” 

The NCAA has said they are looking into this and may make the “F Joe Biden” chant mandatory for all players.

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