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Mahathir Mohamad, former prime minister of Malaysia, explained the ‘New World Order’ (NOW) in a very simple language on 09 March 2015.

Speaking at a conference on the NWO in Malaysian capital Putrajaya, the wise statesman said the following about the NWO.

Basically, it is about having a world government.

(That is) we should abolish all States, all nations, all borders, but instead have only one world government.

And that world government is to be by certain people – elites – people who are very rich, very intelligent, very powerful in many ways; they are the ones who will govern the world.

There was not much talk about democracy or choice of leaders.

Instead, there was to be a government by these elites who will impose their rules on everyone in this world.

And for those who are unwilling to submit to them, there will be punishment.

And the peace that we will get from this is the peace of the graveyard – because the intention also is to reduce the number of people in this world.

At the time when the New World Order (NWO) was enunciated, the population of this world was only three billion; the intention was to reduce it to one billion.

Now the population of the world is seven billion.

(So) there will be a need to kill many billions of people or to starve them to death or to prevent them from giving birth in order to reduce the population of this world.

Watch Mahathir Mohamad delivering the words above in a video clip embedded in the following tweet.

It was an international conference held on 09 March 2015 on the theme ‘The New World Order: A Recipe for War or Peace,’ organized by Perdana Global Peace Foundation (PGPF) of which Mahathir Mohamad is the president.

The venue of the conference was Putrajaya International Convention Centre in Malaysian capital Putrajaya.

Full video proceedings of the conference are available on PGPF website on the following link.

To understand NWO, one MUST listen to Mahathir Mohamad’s full 22-minute speech on the link above (from minute 16:17 to 38:00)

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