I was busy with class and other things all day today, so it wasn’t until this evening that I caught up with the news that leftist protestors in San Francisco decided to vent their demands for open borders and amnesty and citizenship for anyone who can cross the border by. . . blocking the the Golden Gate Bridge:

I really like “Override the parliamentarian.” There’s a slogan to stir the soul! Not sure how the chant works, though. Not exactly euphonious. But the internal logic is right: if we don’t care about the rule of law at all, who cares about anything as inconvenient as parliamentary rules.

The ultimate irony is that by blocking the Golden Gate Bridge, the protestors were interfering with Bay Area liberals trying to get to work. What a great idea: annoy the people with the most sympathy for your cause (so long as you don’t sent any Haitians to camps in San Rafael or Mill Valley).

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