Steve Descano, the Soros-funded chief prosecutor in Fairfax County, Virginia, is back in the news, or will be soon I suspect. This time it’s not for having a ridiculously lenient plea deal for a child rapist rejected by a judge or for being reprimanded by another judge for a lenient deal for a child molester. Rather, it’s for a “do you know who I am?” moment.

According to an incident report from the Fairfax County sheriff’s office, Descano objected to going through security screening when he and his chief deputy entered the courthouse on the morning of September 28. The report is based on statements from two security officers and is corroborated by video.

When Descano reached the security station, he claimed to be exempt from screening because he is the Commonwealth Attorney for the county. An officer from the company charged with screening at the courthouse informed him that all attorneys are required to go through screening.

At that point, Descano threw an umbrella he was carrying onto the x-ray machine. He then begin removing items from his pockets and tossing them into bins. He also asked, “do I really need to go through security?”

Two Fairfax County police officers in full uniform walked through, bypassing security. Descano demanded to know why they weren’t screened.

The security officer explained that, as a matter of policy, law enforcement officers are exempt from being screened. Descano replied, “that’s bullshit.”

He then said: “Do you know who I am? I’m the top law enforcement officer in Fairfax County.” Meanwhile, Kyle Manikas, Descano’s chief deputy, kept saying, “this is f***ing bullsht.”

The screening indicated that Manikas might be carrying a knife in his lunch bag. Accordingly, officers searched the bag over the protest of Manikas, who claimed he had no knife. When the item turned out to be butter knife, the officer returned it to Manikas.

The two prosecutors were then informed that the security process was complete. Descano continued to insist that he shouldn’t have been screened. The security officer responded that the screening process is at the request of the courthouse security committee. Descano replied that courthouse security “works for me.”

The Fairfax sheriff’s report concludes that Descano and Manikas “demonstrated behavior unsuited for an officer of the court.” It accuses the two of “disrespect and unprofessionalism.”

This incident offers a window into Descano’s personality as well as his relations with Fairfax County law enforcement. He doesn’t respect law enforcement personnel and they don’t respect him. I’m told that his office is in disarray, with turnover high and morale low.

It’s easy to see why.

There are two efforts to recall Descano. Residents should consider supporting them.

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