The LUCHA thugs who stalked Senator Sinema into the ladies’ room at Arizona State yesterday were not out to win friends or influence people in the style of Dale Carnegie. In lieu of decency or an argument, they applied time-tested tactics.

At the opening of chapter 4 of Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism (2010), Stanley Kurtz relates a well-sourced story illustrating the precedent for LUCHA’s stalking of Sinema (footnote omitted):

In October 1984, in the midst of his ultimately unsuccessful re-election battle against Democratic challenger Paul Simon, Illinois Republican Senator Charles Percy was cornered and forced to hide in a ladies’ restroom by about a hundred protesters from a group called UNO (United Neighborhood Organization) of Chicago. By trapping Percy in the women’s bathroom, UNO of Chicago successfully disrupted his live appearance on a black radio station, thereby punishing him for his refusal to appear at a UNO forum (which Percy believed had been stacked against him through UNO’s collaboration with Simon). Since UNO’s largely Mexican membership included a substantial group of “undocumented” workers, there is every likelihood that a large number of illegal aliens that were among that crowd running hardball Alinskyite tactics on a U.S. senator.

In those days, UNO’s organizers used to gather at a bar after confrontations like this to laugh about how they’d humiliated one or another public official. There must have been heavy toasting that night.

The chapter thereafter details Obama’s hidden ties to UNO. In addition to the inferences I drew from the stalking of Sinema, we can also infer, as Stanley put it to me in a message this afternoon, that “the left is now well and truly in the grip of the very same Alinsky-style radicals to whom Obama felt obliged to disguise his connection years ago.”

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