Former Governor and current Missouri Senate candidate, Eric Greitens traveled to the US southern border this week to witness the historic collapse of our country’s international border.

Greitens joined Ben Bengquam from Real America’s Voice to travel the border and talk with border officials who are unable to establish order out of the chaos Joe Biden created on his first day in office.

The US international border is wide open. That is a fact.

Eric Greitens labeled Joe Biden the “greatest human trafficker in the world today.”
And we all know it’s true.

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Eric Greitens: It is important for us to recognize that Joe Biden is the largest child trafficker in the world right now. You come down here and you talk with the border patrol. Not only has Joe Biden made it impossible for them to do their job, made it impossible for us to secure the border. What’s also happened is that kids are being sold to families, to people, to present themselves as a family they walk across the border. And then those children are sent back across the border and used again. We’re talking to a border patrol agent who came across one kid who’d been trafficked 17 times across the border. Joe Biden is the largest human trafficker in the world right now.

Via The War Room:

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