When CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Monica Lewinski on Tuesday night’s episode of “The Lead” he noted that they had gone on a date more than two decades ago.

Tapper said that their date is included in the FX series, “Impeachment: American Crime Story.”

He noted that “I have to disclose, full disclosure, in tonight’s episode, our G-rated date from December 1997.”

“Our one date,” Lewinski, who is a producer on the series, chimed in.

“Our one date from 1997 is portrayed, I should note by an actor way better looking than me now or then,” Tapper continued.

The episode of the show that included their date aired hours later, according to Fox News.

Tapper had long ago discussed the date in a lengthy 1998 piece for the Washington City Paper.

While the TV version makes it appear that they met and immediately sat down for a dinner date on the same evening, Tapper’s account indicates that they met, and eventually went out to dinner together at a later date.

Both the TV show and Tapper’s piece indicate that Tapper paid for the entire meal.

“She even offered to pay for her share, a fairly rare offer I rejected but appreciated,” Tapper wrote in his account.

“She struck me as cheerful, open, a bit too much a resident of Planet Hap-Hap-Happy in my acerbic view. A little bizarre in her almost childlike sweetness—it was tough to juxtapose her almost giddy warmth with the gravity of the places she had visited, like Bosnia—but she was from both L.A. and money, so her unusualness had a context,” Tapper wrote.

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