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Seth Dillon, CEO of the satire site The Babylon Bee, joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News Wednesday night to discuss Facebook suppressing content on its platform.

Dillion discussed Big Tech censoring The Bee’s content. “It starts with misinformation, right? I mean, we’ve been fact-checked to death, over and over again. It started out with this fact-check about CNN purchasing an industrial sized washing machine, so they could spin the news before publication, you know, and it’s just been on and on and on from there… That was a fake story. Believe it or not.”

“The social networks have been using these fact checkers to… control ‘misinformation.’ It’s politically motivated and has been the whole time, and we’re seeing like right now. We’re seeing a drastic drop in traffic, a decline, a steady decline over the course of time.”

“It started really, around the election last year… and it’s just been a steady decline, a rapid decline. We used to drive most of our traffic through Facebook. We now drive very little of our traffic through Facebook. Our articles that used to go crazy viral, you repost them now, they get like barely any shares at all. I joked recently, like one of the articles that we shared it got, it reached 11 people. We have over a million people in our audience. It reached 11 people. We could reach more people if we’d printed it out and like nailed it to like a telephone pole in a small town.”

Dillion expanded on Facebook’s new approach to satire. “So they’ve made new rules, right? They have new rules that there rolling out. They’ve got this new policy, satires allowed… but there’s a catch, you can’t punch down. No punching down as allowed.”

“How you define punching down? They have all these protected things, these sacred cows that they don’t want you to joke about. They want to control your speech and control what you joke about. And I think it’s the most condescending thing ever. I mean, imagine thinking to yourself, ‘I can’t joke about those people. They’re beneath me.'”

Dillion added that the efforts are “…really just aimed at curbing and silencing and ostracizing satire, comedy and thinkers that they don’t like.”

“Putting your rulers up, that’s the whole point of satire, right? The punch up is to speak truth to power, you know, tyrants don’t like that. It’s the thing that they hate more than anything else. So, you know, the fact that they’re coming after us, we’re actually not punching down. We are punching up. Most of the ideas we go after are progressive ideas. They’re popular ideas. They’re advanced by celebrities, corporations, politicians, they’re coming from the top down. We’re punching, we’re punching back. We’re not punching down.”

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